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I had Smart Lipo about two weeks ago on my...

I had Smart Lipo about two weeks ago on my upper/lower abs and flanks. The procedure was uncomfortable, but tolerable. I was awake the entire time, and talked the entire time, so much that I think my doctor wished he had given me more drugs! (I took xanax, benadryl, and a painkiller before surgery) The pain level was about what I expected- initial numbing hurts, then the laser and suction are uncomfortable, but not awful. I don't even know how much fat they took out because I asked the doctor right afterwards but was so out of it that I forgot! But, I do know that it wasnt a lot. I started out at 125 lbs, 5'5, and am 35 years old- just wanted the extra flab off my middle and sides that I ended up with after years of not exercising, pregnancy, and decreased metabolism.
It took about 3 hours total- only about 2 for the doctor to laser and remove the fat.
Immediately after the surgery my stomach was very flat, looked like when I was 21. Bruised, and very sore and draining from incisions (only 4) but flat!
I went home and slept all afternoon, ate dinner, took some painkillers and slept well that night. The draining stopped the next day and though I was sore, didnt feel too bad.

The second day swelling started and my garment was very uncomfortable, awful. Now at day 17 I still have swelling, but less. Unfortunately my stomach looks just a little better than before the surgery! I have to assume at this point that it is just swelling, and am trying to have patience but there's a little part of me that wonders if the doctor took out enough fat... He tells me to wait for 6 months, and from what I've heard from others that have had Smart and traditional lipo it really does take that long to see the results. And, though I am a little anxious, I do have a lot of confidence in my doctor. He's been doing Smart Lipo since it was approved, has literally done hundreds, and had great references. He also had it done to himself by someone he trained, which made me feel very comfortable and safe.

So- I'm giving Smart Lipo a "yes. it's worth it!" based on what I saw right after the surgery, and because the overall experience wasnt so bad. I would recommend a couple things: arnica and bromelian really do help with swelling and especially bruising; take as much time off work and kids as possible - you won't feel like doing anything for a week, and I think I'm recovering quickly because I got a lot of rest; and, take photos before, AND right after surgery! I didnt and really wish I had because then I could look at them now and remind myself of how great it looked before the swelling started.

I will definitely update my review in the coming months and also look forward to hearing about everyone else's experiences.

San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

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