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First I want to thank all the people that posted...

First I want to thank all the people that posted reviews.  It was your input that helped me make my decision and choose my doctor.  I had my smart lipo on Friday, January 23rd and so far I am recovering fine. 

After reading all the reviews I made sure the doctor I was looking at was a board certified plastic surgeon and not some orthopedic doctor  or some other doctor doing smart lipo on the side.  It seems that is a common practice so make sure you check out your doctor.  Also I went to the web site for the state medical board and checked out the doctors creditials and license and made sure there were no disciplinary actions.  This can be done in any  state and all that is needed is the doctors name.  I aslo checked his PA listed on the clinics web site.  I then checked the status of the clinic with the Better Business Bureau.  They had never had a complaint and they was a member, his medical license was also clean.  I felt very confident with this clinic and these health professionals there.

The people at this clinic were GREAT!  I felt welcome at the office like the staff really wanted you there.  The doctor was running a bit behind so they gave me a free microdermabrasion and gentle waves while I waited.  They got me some light food while I waited really made me comfortable.  All that's on top of driving me there and home which is an hour away.

Now to the procedure.  It was a bit painful with the needle to numb you first then the numbing solution they put inside.  They had a digital projector and played a movie on the ceiling for me.  I had my upper and lower abs done and my flanks.  The worst for me was around the rib area, it kind of felt like my ribs were being poked.  during the procedure it was just a little uncomfortable.  I was sore and bloated that night but it was manageable.  the next day I went to meet friends and did some walking, sat and played cards and was out and about with a little discomfort.  Today, day two after surgery was even better I walked 2 miles and was moving pretty well.  My doctor strongly advised me to walk 1-2 miles a day.  I am still a little swollen and I am almost done draining.  I drained quite a bit the first night and very little the second.  I feel bruised but only see a couple.  I am not sure what makes such a big difference with the pain if it's the doctor and their technique or the size of the person and amount of fat removed.  Maybe it a little of both. 

I wil post some pictures when i get them, I need the before pictures from the doctor.  I really can't say enough good things about my doctor and his staff.  Not only did I have a good experience but they gave me a nice bag filled with supplies (gause, tape, pads and the pads to protect your bed and furniture), a nice terry cloth rob I wore while there and some slippers.  They made sure I had everything I would need, this was all included in the price along with the pain meds.  That is another you should ask, make sure they supply the meds and needed medical supplies.  Also that they pay for lab work and all the extra little things that add up. 

I hope this was helpful, I know reading other people's experiences both good and bad helped me.

Today is day three after.  I am still sore...

Today is day three after.  I am still sore and have some bruising but not bad.  I was told to massage, with heat the areas lipoed especially where there are some lumps (fiberous tissue).  I had a massager and used a gel pack that can be heated in the microwave and put that over the area and used the vibrating massager.  This was a little painfull but I want the best results so I will do whatever they suggest.  I still have some areas that still feel a little numb, but I read in some other reviews others have experienced this so I guess its normal.  I walked two miles again today, this should also help with my over all weight loss. 

Back to my doctor and his staff, on Saturday I got a voicemail from my doctor asking how I was and if I had any questions to call and he gave me his cell number.  I called his PA earlier that day and he called me back as well answering my question.  Not only did I get the calls they sent me an eddible arrangement (the fruit basket that looks like a flower arrangement).  Can you believe the personal care this place gives?  If you live any where in central Florida I would HIGHLY recommend my doctor.

I washed the car today and I am moving pretty well...

I washed the car today and I am moving pretty well.  I see the bruises are turning yellow.  I can see a difference but it's nothing dramatic.  I guess the swelling needs to go down before I can better results.

Excellent care and he is an actual plastic surgeon who specializes in smart lipo

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