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So far I am very pleased with my results. My...

So far I am very pleased with my results. My procedure was done Jan 27, 2009... My Dr. and her assistant Dawn did my procedure. I had my upper/lower abs and my outer thighs done. There was discomfort and I thought the pain threshold was mild with few spots being uncomfortable but it diminished as quickly as it came on. I found most of it coming from pressure during the filling of the tumescent and found the procedure mostly reminded me of a c-section that I had, where you can feel movement and pulling but not really any pain. I found during recovery that getting up and down was my biggest challenge for a couple of days. I am also a side sleeper so that was hard for awhile. I bought a wedge pillow and slept with that under my legs which took any pressure of them while I was laying down. Once the numbing started wearing off in my legs sitting on hard surfaces was uncomfortable for another couple days.

I had the procedure done on a Tuesday. The next day I cooked dinner (w/a slow cooker) and rested quite a bit. I took Tylenol w/ codeine for two days but felt I was having a reaction so I stopped and started taking two extra-strength Tylenol (8 hr rapid release @ 650 mg each). On Thursday I was tired of laying around so I went to Starbucks to get a coffee. On Friday I had my check up and went to have dinner with family. I was back to my desk job on Monday and back to massaging (am a part-time massage therapist) the following Tuesday (2 weeks later). I didn't have much bruising on my stomach. Mostly my legs and those were gone by the end of the two weeks. I took Arnica starting at day three which really helped with the bruising process.

I wore my compression garment for about a month. I found it helped with the change in my legs and made it more comfortable overall. After two weeks I did stop sleeping with it on. I do wear it when I work out to prevent tons of movement. While I feel a difference in my legs and stomach I do not have much excess skin. There is some in my stomach but I had that from childbirth and feel that it will change once my skin starts to tighten. As for my legs nothing that is noticeable so far. I started back at the gym on week three two times a day lightly. I am having my 6 week check up on the 12th of March where they will be doing my measurements :) can't wait!

I still have a little tenderness in my stomach and legs and am doing the massage two times per day to help break up the tumescent of which I fell more in my stomach than legs. I have not yet gone down the dress size but notice a change in what I am wearing and think I will be down one by the three month mark. I have noticed that I am down about 8lbs so far :)

Also to note I did a lot of searching on the web and on this site reading reviews along with questions at the medspa before deciding to do this procedure. I am really exciting to see my final results during the next three to six months!

I will repost again once I have my before/after pics available.

**please I did not note actual price since I got it at a discount rate while it was still new at that spa**

Renewal Medspa; Dr. JoAnne Gutliph, MD

She is well educated and had experience with the old liposuction procedures. She currently owns the medspa and is also an OB/GYN doctor for the practice next door. She also holds a position at the local hospital and she had been noted as one of the top doctors in Washingtonian Magazine. She has a great eye and was able to see even the smallest of change in my symmetry. The staff was great on checking in with how I was doing and making sure that everything was going smoothly.

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