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Hello wonderful ladies! I absolutely love this...

Hello wonderful ladies! I absolutely love this site and reading everyone's journey to boobs happiness. I am 27, no children, 5' 5 1/2 (I'm 5'10 1 /2 in my head lol) and my breast are a 34 DDD/E. I am not petite but I do have a small frame for the size breast that I have. I've always had big breast and I once loved them very much but as I've gotten older I hate them. I had my consult today and it went great. I didn't have too many questions bc he answered them all and I really did all of my research on the procedure and my doctor. He said that I would be a great candidate for a BR and my insurance should approve it. So I am crossing my fingers and praying that I will get approved.

2nd consult

I just wat my second consult with Dr. Chang at Artisan Plastic Surgery. She did my sister n law BR and they look amazing. I am more hopefully that she will get my insurance to approve it. She told me that this will get approved so don't worry about it. The other doctor that I had a consult with only said that I would be a good candidate for a BR. My insurance ended up denying me and his office never gave me a call to let me know.

I'm approved!!!!!

My insurance is going to cover 100% of my BR surgery. I am beyond excited! Surgery date is September 24th at 12pm.

Approved again!

Good news after good news! I just got approve from the second consult that I went to. I am going to go with Dr. Chang at Artisan Plastic Surgery. She did my sister in law BR and they look amazing! I am also choosing to go with her bc I am moving to Cali in Nov and I want to be pretty healed before we move. So with that being said my surgery date is in 5 days Aug 12. I am so excited and ready for this. This is a great early bday gift for me.

My big day is tomorrow

I am having my breast reduction tomorrow morning and I am excited and nervous at the same time. I mostly nervous about being put to sleep. Is it going to feel as if I've been asleep for a long time or is it going to feel like I just when to sleep? My pain tolerance is pretty high so I am hoping that my pain would be manageable. I am also nervous about waking up in the middle of surgery and not being about to say or do anything about it (lol I did way too much research). I am also worry about infection afterwards. I do think that most of my concerns are normal. Wish me luck and pray for me. I will be posting a before and after pictures. At first I wasn't going to post any pictures but that pictures I've seen on this amazing site has helped and put me at ease and I would like to do the same for others.

Surgery day

I was nervous for no reason at all. I woke up with very little pain and I was not as great I thought I would of been. All of the nurses said that I am going to love my new perky boob. I cannot believe I went through with it but I am happy I did. I don't have any back pains and I feel so much lighter already. Oh yeah, no drains either. :-)

3rd day post opt

Still sore. I started taking just Tylenol extra strength for pain. I took my first shower today and it felt amazing. I've been getting shooting pains to both of my nipples (which is good). It feels like someone put some pliers and twist them. I love the look and shape of them so far. I'm happy.

Few days in the hospital

The past few days I've been having shortness of breath so I called Dr. Chang and she advised me to go to the ER bc it could be blood clots. I seriously thought it would be a waste of time but I am thankful I came bc I have a couple of blood clots from surgery. It's nothing Dr. Chang did wrong, it is just a risk you take having surgery. I have to take self injections in my abdomen for a few days and a prescription for 6 months. BTW the injections hurt. Pray for a speedy recovery!

Finally out

I am finally out of the hospital after spending a week there for blood clots in my right lung. I am thankful and blessed to have my life bc I could of died. Thanks to all the ladies who sent prayers my way. Post opt with my PS tomorrow so I will post pictures then.

Post opt

My birthday is Fri and I went dress shopping and every dress that I put on fit me so nice. I am in love with my new boobs. They changed my tape today and I got a picture before they put more tape on.

My Bday weekend

First let me say I am truly blessed and thankful to make it to my 28th bday. This bday was different for me bc I did spend the week before my bday in the hospital for blood clots in my lung. It could of killed me but God was not ready for me but it did scare me enough for me to start trying to figure out my purpose. So for my bday this year I did a crab boil with my family (on my actual bday Aug 28th) and went to a lounge the following day. I loved how my boobs looked in both dresses I wore. Now, I know I am suppose to keep my compression bra 24/7 but I did take it off to wear my dresses for those couple of hours.

2nd post op visit

They just clipped my bottom two stitches. The nurse said that they are healing good. The tape keeps pulling the scab off my left nipple. My next visit is in two weeks. I took this picture before they taped them back up.


The top pic is two days after surgery (my first shower) and the bottom pic is 4 weeks post op. I amean still swollen but I am healing very good. My incisions look and feel great. I love my breast and this is truly one of the best decisions I've made. More pictures and updates will come I a few days.

5 weeks post op

I don't have to wearyou surgical bra anymore and they took off all my tape. I bought emu oil and they said it is really good for scarring and keeping my incisions down. I had a small hole on my left breast in my cleavage area. She had to pull out the stitch out and put some sliver on it to seal it, it will appear sliver scab and that will fall off when it is healed. Besides that I am healing very well.


I am going to get some more sports bras today and I am going to get sized just for the fun of it. I love the way my new breast look. I am so much more confident with my body.


I went and got sized from VS and I went from a 34E to a 34C and I am still swollen. I've notice them getting softer and slightly bouncy. I am still numb in some spots of both of my breast. The only itch that I have it above my left nipple, my incisions only bother me when my sports bra is directly on it. I start back my pole fitness next weekend and I am excited hopefully I can still invert and my boobs won't hurt. I have an appointment with Dr. Chang Tuesday bc I spit out a stitch in my cleavage area two weeks ago and the hole hasn't closed up just yet.


My breast are getting softer and I am cleared to start wearing underwire bras. I got sized and I am a 34C but when I tried on a bra in that size it had too much space in the cup area but the 34C fits me perfectly. I guess it depends on the bra. My incisions are not itchy like how most people say and I am thankful for that. Now that most of my swelling is gone I feel like my breast look a lot bigger but I still love them.

Update on my blood clots: I only have to be on blood thinners for 3 months. My last day taking them is Nov 15. Yay! I am so happy!


Top pic: excruciating headaches daily, back pain, difficulty shopping, 3 bras to workout, first thing people notice, heavy breast

Bottom pic: no pain at all (headaches nor back aches), everything looks great on me, happier person
#winning #bestdecisionever #happierlife

New bra

My new VS bra and I love it. It is a 36B, I can fit both a 36B and C depending on the bra. All my new bras feel so small and petite compared to my old ones.


I haven't been on here in a awhile. I had a lot going on. I was packing up my whole house bc I was moving to California. I've been in Sacramento for almost 3 weeks now and I live it here. It is much smaller than Atlanta but I live the change.

My breast are small and perky and I love them. They are much softer and no more soreness. The sides of both breast are numb and I lost some pigment in my left nipple. I have an appointment in May with my surgeon if the pigment doesn't comeback on its own she will tattoo it for me. My surgeon said that she wants my breast to be perfect. :-) she is so amazing.

Oh and I've been using mederma, vitamin E oil, emu oil, or cocoa butter for my scars. I use which ever one I pick up that day.


So I've always wanted my nipples pierced and I never got it bc I knew I wanted to have a BR. I finally got it done yesterday and my left nipple didn't hurt too bad but my right nipple hurt like hell and it took forever for the lady to push the needle through. To be honest I would rather get another BR than get my nipples pierced again lol.
Dr. Yeon-Jeen Chang

She is simply amazing!

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