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I found Dr.Lapido on Instagram, when I showed my...

I found Dr.Lapido on Instagram, when I showed my friend his page she said he was the one that did her BBL , she looks great btw.. she told me she wanted to be put to sleep but in my case I will be awake. I had my consultation already and he and his staff was very very nice.. I had my blood work done yesterday on the 19th now I have 2 days left till my procedure, I will admit... I'm nervous !!!

Today's the day!

Sooo I'm laying on the table now... doing the strawberry lipo (that breaks down fat) but man I got a shot in my leg that thing burn! lol i forgot what it's called. Anyways I'm wondering how bad it's going to be.. the pain of any... I'm thinking the worst .. I'm praying that it won't be a bad or horrible pain that I can't handle! Ugh. Anyways I'll check back in later!

I did it!

Well I did it!! I was so nervous in the beginning ... when I went to the back Dr.Lapido marked my body before the procedure to see where to take out all the fat, then I laid on my back and I was given a shot (it stings!) , afterwards he started the tumescence now that part I didn't like .. it was like a weird feeling and hard vibration mostly.. t was very few areas that I felt a pinch or sting when I would tell him he would put the tumescence in to numb the area more.. I didn't cry my eyes didn't even water lol! I feel like a big girl ????. The lipo part didn't hurt at all ... from a scale of 1-10 on pain I'd say a 3... 3 being the least painful. It really was just a weird uncomfortable feeling but once I got used to the feeling and was numb it was a breeze!! I was cleaned up afterward and seen myself! My muffin too is gone!!! He did a great job and I can not wait to see my results in a few weeks!! At the moment I have the garment that they gave me on.. I still feel numb in my stomach and in my back it feels like someone punched me but I'm ok .. laying down to rest.. I had a burger from 5 guys lol I was starving ! Oh I'm waiting on my pain meds to be available as well

These are my pics that he had taken right before the procedure and then right after!

My before and after that the doc took!

I'll post soon

I'm going to put more pics up soon just not right now cause I'm sore etc

1 day post op

I've been really sore specially with the garment on.. at about 520 am this morning I had to CUT it off. It was too tight and it made a crease in the middle of my tummy.. I'm taking my pain meds and antibiotics these pics here are from this morning I'm swollen as u can tell and that crease is from that garment.. imma have to go get me a garment but I won't be able till tomorrow ... can't wait to see my results as time goes by

Just a small update and pic

Well I still have swelling but that's gonna be for a few weeks anyways, I had my bf go and get me a new garment he did good! lol I have a waist cinched from Walmart it is MUCH more comfortable and fitting then the one they put on me at the office... I keep it on all day I just took it off for a break... in my pics u see the swelling and also the shape coming through!

Pic of before measurement and current ... mind you I still am very swollen

While swelling

This is how my stomach looks when swelling... yes hard lumps and swelling. Ugh. Doc says I'm healing nicely..... well I'm On my way to get another comfortable garment to wear

Got another garment to wear... no wires this time

I got me a new garment to wear... it's super comfy! And tight enough to hold in the swelling. I got a medium size in both... I can put both on also

Just a small warning I guess lol

Sooo.. the one piece I bought yesterday fits very snug and is comfy only thing is I was having trouble when I wanted to use the bathroom or shower etc unbuckling it from the bottom ... that ish hurts cause u have to bend over etc to unhook it ;(! I don't take it off from the top because it's too much to get over my thighs. SO instead of having to keep struggling and buckling it together I just leave the bottom part unhooked and tuck it in ...it's still tight.. also I just added my other garment on top of it ;) much much better!

Pics from today

I was excited when I seen myself in the mirror and in these jeans. I HATED to wear jeans cause I had that stupid POUCH!! ITS ALL GONE NOW!! And I'm still swollen! :)

Pics from today

These are with no clothing. I'm still swollen of course but I'm loving these curves!!! Oh the arks in me tummy are from the garments and my belly button won't look like that after I'm healed up lol .. still swollen and looks great!!!

12 days after...before n after pic

This is why I hated to wear jeans.. see that pouch?!!! YUCK! It's gone now ;). Also I felt good today.. no pain .. I'll update in another week or so

Same same

Welp still pretty much the same... sometimes he swelling goes down and I'm flat flat ;) then sometimes it comes back lol! It's not too bad tho... I still need to go get massages I haven't done that yet cause it's still sore a little. I'll update again on or after the 21st after my next follow up


Haven't been wearing my garment lately, well I have but more off and on... been waking up on the flat side lately. Small lumps I've been massaging and belly button area still swollen.


Still have a few lumps n swelling at times but I'm shrinking more and more and loving my tummy!well my small tummy/waist lol
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