Crissy Much Need Lipo and Bbl - Smyrna, GA

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I'm 30 just recently moved to Atlanta and after...

I'm 30 just recently moved to Atlanta and after being here a year I decided to do lipo and a BBL I don't feel comfortable about my weight have one child that I gave birth to eight years ago and never really bounce back. But I was introduced to doctor Ladipo throw one of my friends she recently got lipo and a BBL her body looks amazing so I decided to go dr the ladipo in Smyrna. I'm new to this RealSelf so I'm going to keep everyone in formed about my surgery and how it went I'm considering recording it so everyone can see my first hand experience

Tomorrow I go for my blood work !

Omg !!! The I have 4 more days to my surgery and I'm a nervous reck !!! I really hope I made
A good choice cause I really want a nice booty and a flat stomach!!!! I'm thinking I should of went to DR

Here some more pics of me before omg I so embarrass

Today is the day !!!

Just finished doing the strawberry lipo !!! And the shot they gave me in my leg omg that shit hurts lol ..... but I hope everything works out I'm pretty nerves I will keep everyone updated !!! Bout to go in and do this bbl and lipo


Right before I showered for the first time

The only thing that I heard it was getting the surgery done

Today is my first day postop... and I tell you I feel amazing I'm just a little sore i've been getting up walking everyone's telling me that I need to relax but I cant just laying in bed I took the garment off that the doctor gave me took a shower and my homegirl went and got me a new smaller compression garment when I tell you it took three people to put it on me. I feel really good on a scale to 1 to 10 I feel like and 8 !!!! Honestly the worst part of this whole experience was when I was on the table and doing the BBL that hurt so bad

2day postop

I been on and off swollen

These last two days I have had a really bad headache I was suppose to go see the doc today but I'm gonna go tomorrow .... I'm gonna try to do these messages myself !!! But I don't have no hard spots on stomach yet !!!


I hate this garment I had bought a new one and this is the worst part of this whole experience!!! Is wearing that damn garment... but I have not had one good nights of sleep cause of being uncomfortable but other than that it recovery is a breeze I'm ready for a round 2 lol .... I want more booty !!! I just hope what he gave me will stay ????

One week post op

The day of surgery then today

Very friendly staff office very beautiful doctor is very nice and knows what he talking about, I let him know what I want it and he is assured me that I will have great results and not to mentioning I was a heavy cigarette smoker been smoking a pack and a half a day for 17 years he prescribed me some medicine and I'm proud to say I've been cigarette free for two weeks just because of the medicine he gave me. So I'm really looking forward to see what you can do with my body I really want to flat stomach and a nice Booty .

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