FINALLY!!! 38 Years Old, 5'6" and 200lbs Getting my BBL

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Finally, had a consultation with a doctor that is...

Finally, had a consultation with a doctor that is ok with me not getting a tummy tuck! I live in Georgia and have had consultations with Jimerson who gave me a 5k quote for a bbl with a tt. I have had a consultation with Dr. Gordon who gave me two quotes, one for a bbl at 9k and a tt at 7k. I don't know if was the right time for me and my purse, but something always came in the way of me paying for it. I have even had consultations with Yily, Cabral and Medina from Dominican Republic with great quotes. I've considered Specturm and Vanity but I didn't want to feel like a was in a factory.... Lmao!!! A booty factory. Today, I had a consultation with Dr. Ladipo in Smyrna. I think I was harder on him then I was on all of the others. I asked him so many questions, it was like a real job interview. When I was with other doctors I saw their work so I didn't do my due diligence like I did today. I am excited, FINALLY I am ready. Dr. Ladipo has a 3500 Special for February 2016 and I paid 2500 to secure my date.

2 days and counting....

Here are my pre op photos. If I am not in the mirror trying to picture myself without so much belly and with a butt, then I am on Real self searching for anyone who has went to Dr. Ladipo with good pictures to easy my mind. I know he is not going to make me a Cabral Barbie, but I don't want to regret this. I want real clear result.

Yes, on March 12, 2016 I had it done

I was with Dr. Ladipo under local anesthesia that was in the tumescent fluid. I felt almost everything and I know next time I will save and go to a plastic surgeon so I can be under general anesthesia. This is what worked for me and my life style at this time and I am grateful to have endured this experience. I was awake during the entire procedure and I was able to control my body movements. If more fat was able to be taken out then I probably have better results but I stopped the doctor before he got to my back because I couldn't take it anymore. I just knew when I enough was enough. He did my upper and lower abs and my flanks. He was able to get about 2 liters and then he put 850/850 cc in both cheeks. Lord knows I wanted 1500 per cheek but it wasn't going down that day. It's painful, but not like child birth... More like uncomfortable, uncontrollable vibrating and feels NOTHING like tickling. the first day of recovery was horrible. Now 12 day later I feel normal and most of the swelling is gone. And now my little big is just a little bit more than before.
Dr. Olanrewaju O. Ladipo, MD.

So far so good. My Consultation with Dr. Ladipo was very informative. Dr. Ladipo and his staff made me feel very comfortable.

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