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I went to Dr. Marotta in March 2013 for a...

I went to Dr. Marotta in March 2013 for a facelift, chin implant and upper eyelift. I was 54 years old and already looked 45 before the procedure. Dr. Marotta suggested a fat transfer to my lower eyelid to fill in a hollow. I agreed. My final results were this: No perceivable difference for facelift. The goal was to get back my jawline. This didn't happen. As far as the eyelift, again, no perceivable difference. I still have fatty deposits near the corners of my eyes and hooding in my eyelids. The only difference I see are scars. As far as the chin implant, I now have a horizontal line across my chin where the muscle is pulling and you can see where the implant was inserted. The lower portion of my mouth looks like a ventriloquist's doll. The worst part, however, were the fat injections. Not only did Dr. Marotta put them in the hollow of my eye, but he filled up my cheeks. It was horrible and I was told that it would take a year to see the actual results. I waited the full year for things to "settle" and still look like a chipmunk. Worse is that the fat injections under my eyes have turned into lumps, as scar tissue has encapsulated them. In addition, my face is not asymmetrical. I have been to Dr. Marotta for follow-up visits over the last year and a half with my complaints and he says there is nothing he can do for me. He insists that my face was already lopsided and says he's sorry that I'm not happy. I have just gone to another doctor to try to balance out my face. He is giving me a "cocktail" of injections to my bloated cheeks to try to melt some of the fat. In addition he is injecting Juverderm in the other side of my face to give me balance. I've had to get Botox injections by my chin to reduce the horizontal line of the chin implant. However I still have jowls and hooding. I spent $20,000 with Dr. Marotta and am now spending thousands more to look normal with another doctor. It's been a year and a half and acquaintances still don't recognize me because of the bloated cheeks I was given. The look is very much like "ET". NEVER GET FAT PUT INTO YOUR FACE!!! It is a complete guessing game for a doctor as to how much will be reabsorbed by your body and where it will ultimately settle. Also be sure you find a doctor that will make things right when they go wrong.

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Awful Facelift, Upper Bleph and Fat Graft

It's been two years since my procedures. The results have changed drastically over two years, although they were never good from the start. My jowls have completely returned, as though I never had a face lift. It was never right from the beginning. My goal was to get back a jawline. It never happened. In addition, Dr. Marotta added fat grafts to my face to fill in a hollow under my eye, but instead he overfilled and I have looked like ET for two years, with over-exaggerated cheeks. Also, some of the fat has been encapsulated by scar tissue and I have a very prominent lump under my eye now. As for my upper bleph, there is no difference from before I under went surgery with the exception of obvious scars. I would not recommend this doctor for any surgical procedure. He offered absolutely no solutions to my issues.

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