Works But Hurts Like Hell - Smithfield, UT

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I had braces when I was a kid on 4 of my teeth,...

I had braces when I was a kid on 4 of my teeth, but after that I still had a lot more work to be done. I was thrilled about doing invisalign because you can take them out, eat what you want etc..... But there was a lot I wasn't expecting. They glue these "beads" on your teeth that look like plague buildup, witch I was not aware of before I started. Let me tell you the first day of wearing them was pure torture, not kidding and I have a high pain tolerance. I am on about my 9th set of trays and they still hurt like hell every time you get a new one for about 4-5 days. I don't like that invisalign promotes themselves as "100% Pain Free" haha, NO. I do see improvement and my teeth are moving nicely, but I almost just said the hell with it because the pain was annoying and getting in the way. So They DO work well, but they are not "pain free". They are also not very clear at all you can see them on and they are pretty obvious. But anyway they are getting the job done, I just can't wait until I'm done with these.

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