All done having babies, now to Get my body back! :D

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Hi everyone, I've wanted a tummy tuck since I had...

Hi everyone, I've wanted a tummy tuck since I had my beautiful daughter 5.5yrs ago. My stretch marks extend just shy of the top of my rib cage to just above my bikini area. Theyre very skinny but i have millions! and I have a lot of excess skin. I weighed 225 with her and 215 with my son (20months) I presently weigh 137-145lbs and am 5'7.5". I wish I could feel like myself again. I am constantly pulling down my shirt when I reach up and tucking my skin into my jeans. I had my daughter when I was 22 and am only 28, but I feel like an older person with the way I dress to hide the bulge. I suck in constantly which creates an extremely wrinkled stomach otherwise I look 5months pregnant at all times. It's disheartening to see and has been a drain on my self esteem as I use to
Model when I was younger and now have to fast and work the proper angles to achieve good photos (even more so now, than ever) I find my weight was increasing because I look better heavier, vs a wrinkled stomach etc.
Anyways I had my 1st consult with Dr. Leoni, located in Camrose, AB, Canada, in April. And he approved me for a governmently funded tummy tuck. (Because of the significant weight lost and maintained off and the skin sag.)
I was sent home and told to do 200 modified sit ups a day for 3 months and he'll see me in July.
I teared up with joy because I CANNNOT WAIT to gain back my life, have confidence when I'm in a bathing suit. Not having to worry if I'm bloated and having the option to wear anything without worry about my stomach showing, (the cellulite and wrinkles in certain fabrics).
My MIL frowned upon this (shes 230+\-) however I look at it from the point of view of quality of life, not just vanity. I look forward to the next coming months as I already feel little abs building and am excited to have a 6 pack, I can see. And be the healthiest example to my wonderful children I can be :)
*hopefully I can post some tummy selfies too, but I'm on a iphone*

Thank you very much Kimmers25! I'm so excited :D

Thank you very much Kimmers25! I'm so excited :D

So, Im not 100% sure if I should loose more weight...

So, Im not 100% sure if I should loose more weight or if I should just aim to maintain Pre-surgery. I'm 1.5 months away from my 2nd consult and am throwing around the idea of having my breasts redone. When I went to my 1st appt he asked to see my chest to see if he could redo that as per AB health coverage. He said they looked fine and we proceeded to chat more about my stomach. However I failed to tell him I was still nursing. A week post TT chat I stopped nursing and my breasts look very deflated. :/ At the 2nd appt I will chat with him and see if at the same my as my TT I can have a BA. We shall see.
I'll also be talking about TT revision, Im
Terrified of 'dog ears' :/
As well I have no clue why I can't add pics through my iPhone. :s

So far he's been wonderful, he has a straightforward but polite manner and was very kind and understanding.

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