My Smile Direct Club Experience (So Far)

I'm definitely the type of person to read millions...

I'm definitely the type of person to read millions of reviews before I try anything, especially when it costs more than a few hundred dollars. I usually give companies the benefit of the doubt, but I definitely keep all of the bad reviews in the back of my mind.

When I first started researching Smile Direct Club, there were lots of negative reviews on the predecessor (Smile Care Club, which apparently changed its name to Smile Direct Club this year). Negative reviews ranged from horrible communication (or lack thereof), aligners not fitting properly and once again, dealing with horrible communication, etc. I also read several good reviews, so I decided to give them a try.

On September 14th, I completed my smile assessment, submitted photos of my teeth, and received an email the same day (only a few hours later) that I was a candidate for these invisible aligners (yay!). I was pretty impressed with the quick response, because one of the biggest things I've noticed in the negative reviews was the length of time people wait for responses and for their treatment to begin. After my assessment was accepted, I purchased my impression kit for $47.50 because I used an online coupon from Groupon, I believe. My impression kit was shipped out on the 14th.

On September 19th, I received my impression kit, and after several hours of reading the instructions and YouTubing how to properly take my impressions to ensure that my aligners will fit properly, I completed my impressions, packed them back up, and mailed them back on September 20th.

On September 24th, I received an email stating that my impression kit was received.

On September 28th, I received an email stating that my impressions were approved, and I also received a link to my 3-D smile plan (this was REALLY cool)! I'm so, so excited they were approved because I've read several reviews by people who've stated that their impression kits were not approved, therefore they'd have to redo their impressions. I'm not super patient, so I was happy to have been approved the first time around :)

On October 2nd, I received an email stating that SDC was creating my 3-D smile, which means they're printing each step of my treatment to create my custom aligners.

I haven't started with my treatment quite yet, but my experience so far has been outstanding. Any questions I have are usually answered within a few hours, either by email or via social media. Their Facebook page seems to be a good method of communication. Like I mentioned, patience is not something I'm very good at so I sent them messages asking if they anticipated a date for my impressions to be approved, etc., and they got back with me the same day, told me to expect an answer by such and such date, and sure enough, they were right! My experience with customer service has been great, so I'm pretty confident I will enjoy my treatment experience as well. One of the biggest complaints from previous reviews was the disappointing customer service, but they seem to have corrected those issues. I can't wait to receive my first aligners and start my treatment!

First Update (No aligners yet)


The day I ordered my aligners (September 28th), I received an email shortly after my order was placed that I could expect my first set to be delivered in about 3 weeks, meaning I should have received my aligners this week. Well, I have since received and email stating that they were creating my smile (using my impressions), thermoforming my aligners (where they mold the plastic around my 3D molds), and that they were trimming my aligners for a perfect fit. Since none of these emails directly stated how much longer the creation process would last, I decided to send an email to SDC directly asking if I could have an update on when I can expect to receive my first aligners.

Customer service was very friendly in their response, and I really do appreciate their prompt response every time I have a question, but the rep told me that I can expect my aligners to ship the week of October 31st. That's almost 2 weeks later than they were originally supposed to arrive. I am more than happy to wait for my aligners to be properly made, but I'd rather not be told that they'll be ready in 3 weeks, when they'll actually be ready in 5+. I think it would be best for future customers to know that they're looking at about a month for delivery of their first set of aligners just so they know what to expect.

I'm still happy overall, I like the updates I receive from SDC, but like I said, I think it should be clear that aligners take longer than 3 weeks to produce. After having as many customers as they have, I would think they would have a more realistic timeline of when these aligners can be produced and shipped. I'm sure this causes frustration for many people.
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