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When I first looked into this company I wasn't...

When I first looked into this company I wasn't sure about them but I can honestly say that taking the risk and going for it has really helped a lot. Smile direct club has been very precise with me and has had outstanding customer service overall. A little more than four weeks ago I had taken my impressions and the first set came back rejected so I had to do a retake which was going to cost me an additional $49 but at that point I decided not to do it because I couldn't afford to pay extra for the retake kit so I contacted them via chat online and they sent me a new kit free of charge. Once the new kit arrived I did the retake and Guess What!... Success! So last Wednesday I was informed that I was selected to move forward based on my impressions and that I would receive my treatment plan for review within seven to ten business days. Today is Monday the first and I was contacted via email last Wednesday so it took them only five days to create my plan. I am so excited and look forward to the results of my progress. I have read previous reviews that others didn't find the program to go to well with them but for me so far things are going smoothly I receive my first set of aligners withing three weeks and I couldn't be happier overall this process took about four weeks and that's only because I had to do a retake of impressions but they are really amazing and anyone who wants an awesome smile at an affordable cost should consider them because it is worth the try.

Smile Direct Club Update

So yesterday I received an email from smile Direct club stating that they were in the process of thermoforming my aligners. I'm not sure what the next process is afterwards but I hope that it means that they will ship out my aligners soon! I'm not really in any rush because I'd rather for my aligners to be accurate rather than for them not to fit at all as i have read that was the issue with some reviews. However, I'm looking forward to beginning the process so far customer service staff has been awesome with me and I have asked several questions. Once I receive my aligners I will post before and after photos of my process for all to view ????

Aligner Update

So I received my aligners on August 30th which was a couple if days ago and I put them in immediately. They fit perfectly ; however, I notice the tightness more when I'm asleep and tends to be a bit annoying. The aligned don't hurt at all its just a little foreign to me since I have to get adjusted of them. For the most part everytthem Is going smoothly with the process and I look forward to the end of my journey ill make sure to post pics also for all to see.

Smile direct club update (progress so far)

Hello All, it's been a week since I first received my aligners and let me tell you! These aligners are working wonders with my teeth already; although, I don't see any physical change just yet I can certainly feel it. I tried experimenting with my second set that im supposed to switch into next week and currently I cant fit them which is a good thing but hopefully they'll fit when they should. The first couple of days I noticed the tightness and I took Advil but currenty there is no pain they are still a bit snug however but nothing overbearing. I'm enjoying the journey so far and am confident that I'll be looking forward towards a beautiful smile so. Ill keep yiu guys updated with the next switch into my second ones. I also have a link for anyone interested in purchasing their aligners you will receive half off on your evaluation code. Message me and I'll send you the link.

Tray 4 update

Hello! Everyone I know its been a while since I've posted an update on my treatment process but since there isn't much of a physical change going on with my teeth I didn't see any need to. Anyway! I am in my first week of my tray four aligners and I will be switching into my fifth set next week. My process is every two weeks to change sets so every third or fourth ill post an update so you guys can see my progress. So far things are going rather smooth I have noticed a shift in my top arch as my teeth appear to be slightly straighter than before and more aligned the bottom still has to shift but I have a ways to go before I see any change there. My plan is number 16 which is about an 8 month period so Im six months away from a better smile. Overall, things are going rather well and I will post pics of my teeth now so you guys can get a view as you can see from my other pics my issue is crowding so that's what needs to be adjusted. Ill post pics below for viewing

Tray number 7

Hello all! I know its been a while since I've given you all an update of my progress bug I decided that since you can't really notice much of a variation in my teeth every couple of trays why not show you every few at a time. I will say that from the first set up until this point my bite has dramatically changed and to be honest this set of aligners Hurts worse than any of the others I previously had including the first set; however, it is working and Im glad about that. I will address one thing that I have noticed and this may help some of you out. If you already have cavities or any others issues be careful not to drink sugary drinks while wearing them or even when they are out as this can increase the discomfort of wearing them and also be mindful of the foods you eat. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables in place of sweets helps to diminish the discomfort while wearing aligners plus its good for your body and teeth. I just thought I'd warn you all of this prior to. Here are some pics of my progress thus far. Enjoy!

Final process

So I know that it has been a looong time since I've done an update on my progress with smile direct club. However, I can honestly say that this journey has helped me a ton. I would recommend this to anyone wanting go straighten their smile. For me it has been the best investment thus far. So here is the moment you've all been waiting for ....
Smile direct club

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