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Hi, when I was looking into invisible braces, the...

Hi, when I was looking into invisible braces, the cost of Invisalign was $5500. Which eh.. I know my teeth are not that bad for that price...but I just want perfect teeth., who doesn't? So I started looking up YouTube videos, people putting rubber bands on their teeth etc but also everything that can go wrong. So I opted out on that method.. I kept searching, but now a days everything you find on the Internet is so negative, which of course if your enjoying the product or what you got done you hardly ever give positive feedback because you are content. So I decided to keep looking into it minus the negative people in the world. Hey.. I'm not the most positive person out there, but I'm over the negativity. So anyways. I am a paranoid skeptic over everything bc most companies are so greedy. I mean really the braces from smile care club look similar so why so much of an increase in money? Hmm. So besides the negative reviews I decided to give it a shot. The staff is very attentive, and reply to emails pretty quickly. So I got my first set of impression kit sent over, as you see I said first because I had to do them 4 times, like I said I can be negative nancy too so I was just getting mad and started to think I should have listened to the reviews. But I still continued for 900$ who would not? Pfft..(; so after the fourth impression I got my starter aligners, you may have to file them done ALOT. Mine were cutting into my gums., don't get scared away! It was perfect once filed.. So I have been using the whitening gel they give you., for FREE. and it is actually pretty good, do not put a lot on because your teeth start having sharp pains but they said it was normal. I do see little specs of whiter spots on my teeth right after but they go away. Only means it's working right? So I am now waiting for my first trays and treatment plan to arrive! So I will upload what my teeth look like now., and keep you posted! The pictures they do have you take are really hard to do so you will need help. And don't mind my two cavities that are currently in treatment, they look gross. But I will have crowns done soon! Enjoy!

Smile care club! Aligners are finally here!!

So I just recieved my aligners finally! After three weeks. If not longer! And you are to wear them 22 hours a day and take out when you eat etc. brush and floss as you normally do before putting them in. So I have had them in since 7 am so two hours and they are fine. A little tight not too much. Pretty comfortable. It definitely makes you not hungry so if you want to lose some weight, perfect remedy. So the only complaint I have is that they are a little foggy not so clear. I feel like anyone would be able to tell I have braces in. But oh well. If it works and I don't have to go the metal route I'm all for it! So I will be back in three weeks to post another update! ????????
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