Smartxide-Dot, Not Worth It

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Well I got my Smartxide procedure done 3 weeks...

Well I got my Smartxide procedure done 3 weeks ago, and Oh my God, it was the most painful thing I ve ever done in my life and Ive done a lot (Rynoplasty, Eye Laser, dental stuff, etc) anyway Im not sure why my procedure was so painful when i always read that it was not painful at all!!,, I was very surprised to feel how extremly uncomfortable that turned out to be..I felt like a baby because I cried so much during the procedure, i could not believe all the pain I was going thru.

Anyway I did my best to hold until the procedure was done, I finally the ddoctor was finished.. later on my face began to turn red like a tomato, I also want to mention that i did it because i wanted to get rid of some acne scars i had around my cheeks..the fist 3 days were not that bad the only con is that i could leave my home for all that time.. i did it a friday morning and by tuesday i was at work with a little make up on. anyway, the days went by I for my surprised I coulndt tell not even  a single difference in my face nor in my scars.. I could not believe that after paying all that money, and going thru all that suffering, my problem was even more evident because of all the red patches left in my face.. (i have fair skin by the way)..

And here I am 3 weeks later hopping to see any change but nothing. I went to my doctors yesterday and he told me that my scars were deeper that what he had thought, so he will have to do the whole procedure all over again.. so im not sure If i want to do that anymore,, I wish I just had the chemical peel done first,, because this did nothing at all for me.. thanks for reading

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