SmartXide DOT Laser Therapy

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Today is Wednesday, 11/26/08. I had the SmartXide...

Today is Wednesday, 11/26/08. I had the SmartXide Dot treatment on Monday, 11/24/08. I'm 55 years old, with some acne scarring, uneven coloring, patches of large pores, some small broken capillaries around my nose. I would love to see my coloring evened out & the scarring diminished.

My doctor numbed me, but there was still quite a sting. The burning sensation was more of an issue for me than the stinging, but that subsided a few hours later. I am very fair and I turned pretty red all over. I had my neck done and it was actually less painful than my face. I thought it would be the opposite. The doctor told me that the neck area is less sensitive than the face.

I can see though that it might take longer for my neck to get back to its normal color. Some parts of my face are starting to go back to normal color, but some parts are still red. My neck however is one big reddish-pink area! It's hard to imagine that my red neck will be back to normal by tomorrow.

Right now I look pretty awful, but that's not stopping me from getting out and doing some shopping! I pack on the sunscreen and put on some big sunglasses and wrap a light silk scarf around my neck so the demarcation line is not so stark.

Later today I visit my doctor, who'll check on the progress of my SmartXide treatment. We'll see--right now the jury is still out on whether it was worth it since it's too early to tell.

I'll check in later with an update!

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