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I got the SmartXide DOT laser resurfacing for acne...

I got the SmartXide DOT laser resurfacing for acne scars I've suffered with my entire adult life. My scars are not terribly deep but are dispersed over a large portion of my face. I'm also a fair-skinned freckle-face.

I had the procedure on Monday, December 22 and today is Thursday evening, December 25. The procedure itself was a breeze (and I'm a big wimp!). To me the laser felt like slightly prolonged electric shocks to the face. The only real discomfort I had was later that night when my face was burning. This is normal and not intolerable AT ALL. I had the expected swelling but it was very minor. I put ice packs on twice the first night.

Day 2 was marked by slight swelling, sandpaper-like skin and all the tiny white dots. No discomfort! I did go out in public as it just looked like a severe sunburn.

Day 3 was marked by mild itching, still sandpaper like and the dots turned brown/red. No more swelling.

Today is day 4 and I'm just starting to get flaky. I was told large pieces of skin would peel off but that isn't happening yet. Still feels like sandpaper.

It's hard to tell yet whether it has really helped my scars at all. I'm feeling a little discouraged as I tend to prefer instant gratification and I'm not seeing it yet. I was told it could take up to 6 months to get full results.

Also, specific to my case is that I will need 2 procedures. Once the doctor got working on me he realized just how extensive and disperse my acne scarring was. He therefore decided to do intense spot treatment of the scars and leave the overall less intense passover for the 2nd time. He said it would be too dangerous to do the full face on top of the spot treatment. So, I still have my freckles (which is ok since they are part of me and who I am)and I'm not sure if the scars are any better yet.

I'm still holding out hope for better results...

I'm still holding out hope for better results after my 2nd procedure. I'm not sure if I'm excited or freaked out about my freckles being removed. I'm a red-headed freckle face and can't quite imagine not having them after 37 years! But, I'm willing to do it to improve the acne scars that have scarred me emotionally for over 20 years.

Waiting for results in our culture of immediate gratification is still difficult...I"ll keep you posted!

5 year update

I ended up having a 3rd "light" treatment and then a 4th "more aggressive" treatment. The 4th hurt way worse as that doctor went much deeper. The results were better but now 5 years later I'm back to being disappointed in my face. The scars have returned. I don't remember whether I was told or thought the results were permanent but it seems they're not. I suppose several years of better skin was worth the investment but it is disheartening to have my scars be all I see again when I look in the mirror. I'm now considering another type of laser and would welcome recommendations.
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Love my doc - the only reason I'm marking 'no' for 'Was it worth it' is because I don't know yet.

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