Smartlipo Worth Every Minute and Dollar!

Smartlipo is awesome for anyone that is seeking...

Smartlipo is awesome for anyone that is seeking out some good "sculpting." It's not the solution for a major overhaul but for specific areas that you want work on it's definitely worth the money and the time. I had my stomach and love handles done exactly a week ago (Feb 10th). The experience was great. You are awake for the whole thing. I was given Adavan and Percocet and then they tumesce the areas so you don't feel a thing. Well, you can feel something but no pain that's for sure. The doctor marked all the areas ahead of time and made sure that everything was even. I plan to put some before and after pics up and then try to keep the pics updated every week for the progress. The results were very noticable from day 1 especially because I had my love handles done at the same time but the full results, according to the doctor, are really best after a month or so when the swelling has gone down and the skin has tightened up. The definite pro's of Smartlipo: - The recovery is quick - You are awake for the whole thing. No risks there - There is very little bruising and swelling in comparison - I was back to work in two days. - The skin tightening! Traditional lipo usually leaves you with skin left over but the laser actually creates tissue coagulation so your skin tightens. - Results are noticable right away! Cons- There really aren't any that I could say are major. Sleeping is a little uncomfortable and you have to wear compression garments for a little while but that would be with any lipo treatment really. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone that is interested in it. My recovery process is going great so far and I will update with pictures very frequently for you all as well as my before and after dress sizes when I settle into them. If anyone has questions please feel free to ask!
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