I Am Back from November

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I have been reading reviews on Real Self for quite...

I have been reading reviews on Real Self for quite some time. I made my decision to move forward with SmartLipo after reading the reviews. It really helped set my expectations.  Here is my story plus some of the things I would recommend for you.

Yesterday I had SmartLipo with Vaser on my Upper/lower Abs, love handles, and underarms.  I weight about 163 and am 5'9.  I wear size 10 (always have a muffin top) and have NEVER worn a sleeveless shirt because thanks to heredity, my arms are very large and loose.
I work out daily, lift weights, but will probably remain this weight +/- 10 lbs because I love to eat, drink, and have fun.  Waist is 30" around smallest part and 35" around largest area.

I had my consultation Friday and my Lipo Monday.  I financed the procedure thru a popular company at 12 months no interest.  My doc office took care of all of the paperwork.

My procedure started at 9 AM and I was done by 2:30. I didn't take and medication because I wanted to drive myself home and they wouldn't let me drive if I took a sedative.  My Dr. gave me 4 perscriptions ahead of time.  1) Antibiotics, 2) Pain Pills  3) Anxiety Pills  4) Nausea pills

They started with my Abs and it was very uncomfortable-but manageable.  After the abs, my love handles and arms were a breeze.  I watched a few movies on my IPod and my Dr. said I was his best patient so far.  I think it was because I had something to do (movies) rather than think about what was going on.

After the procedure I was able to drive myself home.  I stopped by the store to get pads, tape, etc.  Do not skimp on tape, buy a ton-maybe 4 boxes of 12 or more of the bandage pads. Also, I would recommend getting everything you will need ahead of time.

Also, here was a surprise-after reading Real Self I thought leaking would be a drip here a drop there.  No!  Leaking is more like a river of water pouring out of your wounds.  I had to change pads about every 2 hrs for the first day.  It took me about 1 hr to change them, so basically all I was doing was changing pads.  My body looked like I was in a bad car wreck and the water from the procedure (that they pumped my body with) had accumulated in my underwear zone. YUCK!  Way freaky. So, I made dinner for the family, walked the dog and then I took a pain pill-not because I was in pain-I just wanted to go to bed and say goodbye to the day.  The pain pill knocked me on my behind which normally doesn't happen.  Went to bed, slept like a baby and now it is day 2.

So day 2 has started and as I was changing bandages I noticed 1) I am not leaking like a river, just a drip here a drop there!  and 2) I LOOK INCREDIBLE!  I still look a bit freakish-but I have a flat flat stomach, arms look like they are going to be a LOT smaller.  I wasn't expecting to see such wonderful results so quickly.

On soreness today-I am sore but still not like I thought.  Arms and side aren't sore at all.  Abs a bit uncomfortabel when I get up and walk.  I plan to work all day.  I do look like a giant marshmellow though-with all the pads under my girdle type thingys.

Also, I am a inches/pounds person.  My doctor said to expect a 5 lbs and around 3 inches in my waist.  They took 300 CC's out of each arm and said I had 2 1/2 somethings of fat removed.  Not sure what it meant but I saw it and it was equal to one pitcher of cool-aid.  Yuck.  My waist is already smaller on day 2.  Haven't measured-it is just SMALLER!

I would highly recommend this procedure and plan to update you as I progress.  I will try to get before/after pics from my dr. and post them.  Also, my Dr. and his assistant rocked!

Hi there. I swore I would never traumatize my body...

Hi there. I swore I would never traumatize my body again after going thru Smart Lipo on my abs, love handles, and arms last November. My doctor recommended that we do my flanks in November-but I declined to save money. Plus, I didn’t really know what flanks were.

For the past 4 months I have been fully aware of those chubby flanks surrounding my new fat-free abs! So, I scheduled an appointment for Smart Lipo, which I completed two days ago.

I dreaded the flank reduction procedure because what I went through in November was a lot worse than I had anticipated. If you read my old posts-I cursed the people that made recovery sound so easy-“the lunch time procedure .” I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised! I spent 3 hrs at the Dr office Tuesday to get rid of the flabby flanks. I watched a movie on my IPod and was home by noon. I work from home and was able to work for the remainder of the day. I made dinner, walked the dog, did everything I do in a normal day. I expected the next day to be horrible-but it wasn’t.
So far, this has been great! (Again, I don’t want to oversell anything, Smart Lipo is pretty major but depending on the number of areas and the areas involved-recovery really varies.)

I had 1 liter removed from the flank area. Probably ¼ blood and the rest fat! I am black and blue but am recovering nicely! I am not swollen like I was in November.

I promised myself last November that I would come back and post about my long term Smart Lipo results. Most people post while going thru their procedures and we never hear from them again.

So to give you an update of Abs, love handles, and arms from November:

I couldn’t be more thrilled. Abs and love handles look fabulous! (I didn’t ever expect perfection and had a lot of room for improvement-I got what I expected.) Arms are a lot smaller. They are a nice shape. But even after 4 months there is still some discoloration. I expect that to go away in the next few months. It still bothers me to rub my arms.

Weight and inches:

I am 3 lbs down from pre-op weight in November. Haven’t changed habits (shame on me) But, 3 lbs is still 3 lbs.
My waist (before my flank reduction) went from 31 to 29. I expect to lose another 1” from Tuesday’s flank procedure. Doesn’t sound like a lot-but makes a HUGE difference with everything I wear.

So, all in all I am very happy with the results. My doctor and his assistant are wonderful and come highly recommended by me.

The last thing I want to add is once you get an area completed you notice that it doesn’t match up with your other flabby areas. So, now that I have abs of steel-something has to be done about these thighs! ?

Good luck to all of you

Dr Kerr, Silk Touch Laser-Eagle, ID

He is professional but also has a good personality. He took good care of me and was concerned about how I felt.

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