Second Time’s a Charm with SmartLipo

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I’ve had SmartLipo twice. Originally I was...

I’ve had SmartLipo twice. Originally I was one of its main critics but after the second time I am much happier with it.

There’s a catch. First of all, SmartLipo is new so everyone needs to consider that. No matter what they say about testing and FDA this and that, no doc is experienced yet and no one knows how it will turn out. This is why I had it done twice.

The first time, I had the “normal” SmartLipo. You get lasered and the fat is supposed to liquefy and go back into your body naturally. With this method, I didn’t have success. I waited the 3-6 months recommended by my doc before I went back and showed them that the fat was still there. They measured and everything and I had lost a tiny bit but the doc wasn’t happy with it (neither was I). So I got it done a second time and this time they suctioned the liquefied fat out like traditional liposuction. Obviously with this method I have seen results and I am happy with it. I wasn’t charged for the second procedure because my doc didn’t like the first job he’d done. This is where it pays to have a good, honest doc by the way! He could have insisted that I pay again but he didn’t ever mention it.

When I was getting it done again I did a few searches and found that a lot of people have had a similar experience with SmartLipo. Those who didn’t have suction are not as happy as those who did. So if you’re thinking about getting this, I recommend asking your doc about suction. You can tell him you don’t want to wait for your results and he will usually do it then.

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