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I had the saddlebag and banana roll procedure...

I had the saddlebag and banana roll procedure performed 4/08. 

The banana roll was a success, but my legs looked terribly deformed.  I was aware that a touch-up or two is sometimes required, and I was assured my legs would heal a good deal and if necessary, touch-up would be performed in 3 months to fix it.  Although swollen, I looked great in pants for the first few days and was excited and hopeful that the healing would take its course.

A week later as swelling reduced, the saddlebags began to reappear, and my left leg was prominently larger than my right.  

The doctor performed the touch-up procedure in July, which again required additional sculpting down my leg for a smoother, more proportionate appearance. This time I was told the extra effort was attributed to my legs being fibrous.  But the results were once again uneven.  From a frontal view, my right leg is now prominently larger with a slight hump which would be fine if both legs appeared that way... but my left leg appears unproportionately thin and flat, and from the side angle is sunken in.   

I called the office this week and the doctor replied via email to tell me the reason I wasn't contacted for my 2-month follow up appointment was because practice closed, and the subject was dismissed.

I'm at a loss for words. I, like many, was told that I was the "perfect candidate" and "I'm going to look great".. and "not to worry" when my legs did not look right.  I followed every rule to ensure I took the best care of myself and researched the facility and physician, and Smartlipo in general a year prior to coming on board.  I even hung out in the waiting rooms before and after appointments to chat with patients, who were all positive about their experiences.  I also met with 2 other physicians after my first procedure to ensure their outsourced doctor's work could be fixed.  I initially signed a contract for this procedure through the practice, but when they could not accommodate the scheduling they promised, they outsourced another certified doctor.  The practice filed bankruptcy shortly afterwards and the doctor just filed himself due to "lack of business". 

Overall, I do look better in jeans, but wearing shorts or shorter skirts in public is out for now.  It's not worth the comments when you're trying to keep your focus positive while figuring out what to do.  My hope is that it's true about what they say about the miracles of healing and that somehow they will even out more on their own, because with the current economy I'm not in a position to pay another $3000.  If I just had a palm-sized section of fat removed from my right outter thigh with a 2nd touch-up, I could live with the unshapely left side because I'd at least be proportionate until I could afford any necessary repairs.


Discouraged contact with my (limited) concerns, and told me after the touch-up procedure that was all that could be done to fix it.

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