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I cannot believe that people would go into having...

I cannot believe that people would go into having liposuction without doing research, based on the comments below, and the proceedures done. In case you are not aware, a new lipo proceedure was approved in the US Oct 2006. This proceedure requires no stitches, basically only 24 hrs of down time, no pain, etc.... Small incisions are made (about the size of 2 thin lead pencil refills) and a lasar in inserted which melts the fat..then it is suctioned out (gently) so no more vigourous pumping to get the solid fat out... and just local anestesia... another benefit is that the laser also smooths the skin out, so no lumps, bumps, or sagging skin...if u had sagging skin, this proceedure will also tighten it.. My "flanks" are 100% gone,stomach greatly reduced... had proceedure 7 days ago.. saw immediate results.. 80 % of results in 3 weeks, while the remaining 20% will come in a total of 3 months form proceedure. REgular LIPO? Hell no!! SmartLipo? Definitly yes!!

Many doctors do not perform this surgery yet. For example, is South Florida, I beleive only a few places have the machine to do this. However, the information is on the internet......

strax rejuvenation (dr. roger gordon)

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