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Hi, i got my smart lipo done on my lower...

hi, i got my smart lipo done on my lower abdomen and underarms last monday, 11/17. i'm 52 and in pretty good shape. i've been working out with a trainer for a year and a half but am fighting aging and gravity. for many years i've had what i consider to be a lot of fat on my abdomen that i can't get  rid of and even though my arms are toned from working out i still had the underarm hang.

i've been researching this for about a year and went for a consultation to a well know doctor in the area and his quote was $4300 just for the abs. i decided i'd try to work harder because that was out of my budget. if i ate bad for a few days my stomach seemed to pop out. it was frustrating and when i looked at my body it didn't look like i worked out.

a few months ago i heard an ad on a talk radio show advertising an area doctor who charged $2000 an area and if you mentioned the ad the consultation was free. i scheduled my apt in the NJ office and met with an assistant first then met with the doctor. they were both great. they answered all of my questions, i didn't feel rushed or pressured and i quickly gained confidence in the doctor. she is young and vibrant and really knows her stuff. she said she was one of the first doctors in the area to do smart lipo and she really keeps up with the latest technology. smart lipo is a huge part of her practice and she's been doing it for years. it's very important if your doing this to choose a doctor who is experienced.

my abdomen was my main concern and that's all i planned on getting done but when i went back a few weeks later so they could take photos, etc. they suggested i get my arms done at the same time. the assistant i talked to had done that and offered to show me her abs and arms but i declined.

about the process. i had it done in the phila office. my friend dropped me off and picked me up a few hours later. she prescribed antibiotics which i had to take the day before surgery and a vitamin k to take the week before to help with blood clotting. i started getting nervous a few days before especially when i found this website and saw some of the photos. i was more nervous about my arms then my abs. one photo i saw of the arms, the person was black, blue and yellow from her elbow to her shoulder. i also thought some of the results weren't that impressive.

i can honestly say the procedure was a nice experience. before i went in i was prepped by a nurse. i guess because i was more nervous then i thought my blood pressure was getting high so they gave me something to lower it (i had to get a total of 4 prescriptions beforehand. an antibiotic, vit k, pills to lower my blood pressure if needed and something to relax me which i took right before the surgery. she also ordered blood work but since i had the results from a recent yearly physical she didn't require them) anyway in the room was the doctor, a nurse and two assistants. i was awake through the whole procedure. i talked, asked questions, joked. it was great. i didn't feel anything. i wore an eye pillow because i didn't want to see anything. that worked for me. i'm not the kind of person who wants to see anything. i was probably in there for a little under 3 hours. my friend picked me up and i was fine that night. they shoot the area up with a lidocane solution which seemed to last for a few days.

tuesday i drove back to phila so they could check it out and change my compression garment. i was walking around and felt fine. i even went out to lunch that day even though i was very padded up but i wore a big button down shirt. as time went on i could feel soreness so i took extra stg tylenol which was enough for me. i took it when i needed it and didn't need anything stronger which she wrote a prescription for just in case. the soreness felt like you had a really good workout and used parts of you body that haven't been worked in a while. day 3 i was the most sore. the first two days were more uncomfortable because of the garment.

i have this weird thing and i didn't want to look because i didn't want to be disappointed or freaked out by anything. well last night, day 6, i was ready to look and WOW. i was so happy and excited. the fat on my abs is gone and i really have a flat stomach which i haven't had in 30 years. i can honestly say it looks amazing. there is some brusing around my hair line, below my navel that will go away. my neighbor took some photos and i sent them to 6 people who know i've had this done. my arms look good. much more subtle but there isn't as much hang which is what the doctor told me. she said i wouldn't have little skinney arms but some of the fat and hang is gone. and remember, the tightening takes place over a 6 month period.

so, there is some bruising and some discomfort, i don't even want to call it pain for a few days. i took the week off work because i have a physical job. i've heard people say they go back to work in a day or two but i think it's best to stay home and rest and take it easy, after all, your body has been through a trauma. i also found myself tired for a few days after.

it is so IMPORTANT to find a doctor who is experienced and has been doing this a while. you don't want to be a guinea pig. they made me feel free to call the office anytime i wanted (which i did, i called every day for the first 4 days with questions) my doctor even gave me her personal number after the surgery and said to call if i needed to talk to her. i feel very lucky and believe i found one of the best doctors out there. and i also can't believe how inexpensive she is compared to all the quotes i'm seeing on real self. my abs were $2000 and there was a special so i got the arms done for $1150. the garments were $88 each and i brought two.

it is also very important to follow the insturctions to a T. no alchol or caffein the week before and make sure u wear the compression garments for 2 weeks. that really helps with the healing and swelling. i'll probably wear mine a little longer.

she said the healing process takes about 6 months and that's when you'll see the final results. she said i'll also get swelling and lumps which i'm suppose to massage for 5 min twice a day.

i know this is long but i'm trying to be helpful to anyone who is considering this. my next area i'm considering is my jowls but i have to do more research and see photos of people she's actually done. so please do your research and educate yourself as much as possible and ask questions. i'd love to recommend my doctor if you are in the phila area. feel free to email me if anyone has any questions about my experience. good luck.

Pros, great results, minimum discomfort, well with...

pros, great results, minimum discomfort, well with in my budget, loved my doctor and the entire staff, loved the fact that she as been doing this for a while and spends money on the latest equipment, love the fact that i could ask questions any time i wanted and loved the fact that they don't leave you hanging. i feel that they are always there for me.

cons, none as of yet.

Hi, i felt that i needed to post a new review. i...

hi, i felt that i needed to post a new review. i posted my first review about 6 days after getting my abs and arms done and was so excited about seeing how flat my stomach was that i overlooked some things. i am now agreeing with a lot of other posters that they do make it sound like the whole process is easier then it is. i wouldn't have been able to go back to the gym in one week or back to work in 2 days. i didn't go back to work for 10 days and yesterday was the first day i felt really good and went to the gym which was 2 weeks after my surgery. i was surprised at how well i did because i didn't do anything physical for 2 weeks. i did my normal routine but didn't use as much weight. i was sore for the whole 2 weeks. it wasn't terrible but it was uncomfortable and i was tired a lot.

i am still very happy with my abs but went shopping yesterday and really looked at my arms and don't see much of a difference. i'm really hoping that they will tighten up during the 6 months like they say. i'm wondering how much of it has to to with age and the elasticity of your skin. i really think everyone responds differently. i read that someone is still sore 3 months later. i think that's unusual. again, after 2 weeks i can still feel it about 10% so each day is getting better. someone emailed me and said she was so sore after 7 days that she couldn't even empty the dishwasher. i didn't experience that at all. i got around and did most of what i usually do other then the gym. but i really took it easy and got a lot of rest. so use common sense, don't over do it and take it easy and take care of yourself.

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she's been doing this for a few years, she spends money on the latest equipment her and her staff arae excellant and very professional

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