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About 4 weeks ago I underwent smartlipo or my arms...

About 4 weeks ago I underwent smartlipo or my arms.  I would encouage anyone who was interested to not hesitate. It was perhaps one of the best decisions I have made.  I am a practicing lawyer and I would never entrust my body to just anyone.  By the very nature of my profession I scrutinize everything, and do not take anyone's word without evidence.  I did my research about lipozap and the one thing I knew for certain is that I would never undergo the traditonal method of liposuction on my arms.  I have seen pictures of the traditional lipo post op and it looks painful and invasive. The stitching looks awful and you couldn't pay me enough to put my body through that.  The recovery from what I have read is rough, and I could never take that much time off work to recover from what appears like torcher.

I must say that the professionalism with the ofice I attended was first class. I invite everyone to do their research and hope you find an office like I did that makes this process so much easier.  My doctor greeted me before the procedure, invited me to ask questions and was very friendly.  He made me feel extremely comfortable along with his staff.  His staff was extremely attentive, and made me feel at ease. The procedure lasted maybe 2 hours.  I was awake the entire time, and absolutely no pain.  I was warned there would be some discomort during the procedure, but I can honestly say that there wasn't. I was given some pain medication to take as needed. The following days I did experience some pain and took the pain meds.  I would say that by day 3 or 4 I was pretty close to 100%.

Four weeks later I can see the results and its amazing! I can fit into suits that I hadn't worn in over one year and wear short sleeve shirts that I couldn't fit before. The results have been amazing, and the skin tightening I feel is even more incredible.  The process will obvioulsy take time, but so far I am very happy.


My arms are improving each day.  The...

My arms are improving each day.  The tightening that I am expriencing is amazing and I would do this all over again without hesitation.  I can honestly say that the most exciting pat of this whole process has been the ability to fit into all of my old clothes...especially my suit jackets.  I can still feel some tenderness in the back area of my arms but I am 100% functional.  The open incision wounds are healing, and they are very small. At most it looks like I have a bug bite scar trying to heal. Hope my pics encourage others.

Dr. Bittner

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