Smart Liposuction for Male--Performed This Afternoon!

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I am a 24 year-old male who just had liposuction...

I am a 24 year-old male who just had liposuction performed on my flanks, back, and a tiny area on my abdomen where I had a small fat pocket that made my stomach look rather asymmetrical.  I am in good shape--I run, I work out, I eat relatively healthy (I'm a college student, so pizza and other junk-food does factor into the equation, as well!)

I had SmartLipo performed earlier this afternoon, and am writing my initial review (a) to show that (at least in some cases) you are able to function immediately after the surgery; and (b) out of pure boredome from laying in bed the past few hours. :)

I've been taking Arnica tablets for the past 4 days now (including today)--so we shall see if that has any affect on recovery (e.g. bruising, swelling).

I am terrified of needles and cannot stand the sight of blood or even the thought of a metal rod being stabbed into my body (I genuinely would describe this as a severe phobia)--so I will say up front, the psychology of it all was by far the toughest part for me going into it (as opposed to a fear of pain or even results)--they gave me 20mg of Valium before the procedure (upon my request).

Sure enough, being awake during the procedure was the toughest part--on account of the aforementioned psychological trauma/phobia.  The pain from the needles used to numb the areas did pinch; but it was certainly minimal and only lasted a couple seconds.  I was blindfolded the entire time (which I was initally sketchy about, but so very thankful for by the time it was all over).  So on account of me not wanting to know what was being done to me, the second 'scariest' thing was not knowing what stage the doctor was at.

After administering the numbing solutioin, he injected the liquid to begin dissolving the fat--this was rather unpleasant; but again, not necessarily on account of the pain.  It's just hard to conceptualize (at least for myself) that I'm having this metal rod constantly rammed through my body.  It dis cause a very strange sensation--so just know you are not completely void of any feeling.  The pain part, though, was very minimal.

After the solution had been injected, it was time for the suction--this part, my doctor said, was supposed to be pain free (the easy part).  And in almost all parts of my body, it was--though there was still that very strange sensation from the cannula (which he used the smalles one, since I didn't have a whole lot to be sucked out anyway--in total, less than a liter was suctioned out).  I will say, I did feel some pain during this part of the procedure--primarily on my love handles/flanks, whenever he was close to my rib cage.  There were definitely some stabbing sensations, and it was ferry unpleasant.  BUT, even this only lasted, literally, for seconds.  I had a very sweet surgeon's assistant who held myhand throughout it all--I'd say this is where I may have been close to giving her a couple bruises on account of me squeezing so tightly (you may even request--or bring your own--a tension ball or something!).

Throughout the entire procedure I was completely coherent and able to move on my own accord from my side to my back to my stomach, etc.  After everything was done--and my doctor did, in fact, to my surprise, use a couple of dissolvable sutures on my flanks--they bandaged me up and wrapped me in the surgical garment.  They had a driver bring me home (and pick me up initially, which was a nice gesture, as I do not have family here); and I immediately went to the grocery store to pick up something for dinner, came home, ate, and then took a nap. 

I've gotten up to walk around a couple times, but I am feeling groggy still from the Valium they gave me, as well as the two Tylenol with codiene they prescribed me.  I am feeling a little discomfort, but it's absolutely not unbearable.  I will say again, however, that I did not have a whole lot suctioned out--so I cannot say the pain in my case would be similar to someone who has a lot of fat to be removed. 

I will upload pictures as soon as I transfer them to my computer--so far I have ones taken before my surgery and immediately upon getting home (so that I can show you guys what to expect bandage-wise).  I will continue to post pictures as I progress, too, so we can observe the results together. 

Please let me know if you have any questions, and I will do my very best to answer them or point you in the right direction.

Alright guys (and gals)--it is the morning after,...

Alright guys (and gals)--it is the morning after, and I'm feeling really great.

(I'd first like to say I read over my initial review and sincerely apologize for the misspellings and use of words that seem to come out of no where--please do remember I was/am still somewhat 'sedated'. :)  I'd also like to apologize for the long reviews; but I know that before I had my procedure I wanted to read as much first-hand experience as possible--I only want to help those of you considering lipo as accurate account as possible.)

So last night, I slept fairly soundly--I did wake up at maybe 5 hour increments--never really on account of pain, however.  Although, I remember waking up sometime around 9:00pm because I was thirsty and feeling very uncomfortable, so I took another Tylenol with codeine and was soon soundly sleeping again.

I woke up this morning around 6:00am and had some breakfast and coffee (my doctor even told me I could have wine, etc.--so I wasn't worried about ingesting caffeine).  I'm continuing to take my Arnica tablets and will do so until I run out--about another 7 days.  

So far the pain is very minimal--in fact, I'd have to call it 'discomfort' rather than pain.  The most painful part was removing the darn surgical TAPE from the bandages!  Please, some creative genius invent post-op, pain-free tape...I beg you! 

The bandages were bloody--I'm posting a picture to give you an idea (if the powers that be at RealSelf greenlight them).  I'm also posting a picture of the pad I slept on--very minimal discharge on that. 

Thus far, I am quite pleased with what I see.  The majority of my swelling appears to be in my abdomen (which I've read seems to be common for many).

Picture Time (that's what we all really want to see, right?)!  A quick note about my pictures--since doctors tend to make you change positions during pre- and post-op pictures so that it looks better for their scrapbooks, I'm only posting my own photos taken at my house...for the sake of consistency.

Also, a quick note about the post-op pictures of my back: the red streaks you see are red lines from the marker the doctor used to draw on me (he used blue/purlpe on the other areas)--so don't freak out thinking they are knife slashes or anything.

As always, feel free to ask any questions. 

Yesterday I didn't have really any pain at...

Yesterday I didn't have really any pain at all--even the 'discomfort' was very minimal.  I walked about 5 miles through the park (something I typically do every day), and I felt fine the entire time.  All in all, it was a great first day post-op.

Today--Day 2--I'm finally starting to notice a bit of swelling.  It's not a lot, but I can see it in the pictures as well as in person.  I'm not discouraged, however--this is to be expected.  And if the photos from day one are any indication of what I have to look forward to once the swelling subsides, then I'll be a happy campter.  :)  I am incredibly surprised, however, that I have had absolutely NO bruising!  Those Arnica tablets must really work--my doctor was definitely ramming the cannula inside me with tremendous force, so I know it's not on account of his 'gentleness.' :)

I was finally able to shower this morning, which felt great.  I very gently tried to massage the areas I had suctioned--I also allowed the water to 'pelt' the areas a little bit.  Now would be the perfect time to have a hand-held shower head.  There was definitely some discomfort during the 'massage,' but it was not terrible.  I figure the sooner I start doing it, the less likely I am to have lumps or hard spots; so I can sacrifice a little pain.  I also found it easier (pain and psychology wise) to massage the areas once the compression garment was on--I think the lack of direct contact with the skin provides a more even pressure to the area and doesn't cause any 'pinching' sensations. 

I am staying in my compression garment 24-7, with no intention on removing it for at least 2 weeks (except to shower, of course).  It's not terrible to wear, though I did begin noticing some slight itching today (just simply signs of healing, though). 

I've walked about 4 miles so far today and will most likely get out again (if it weren't for the bad weather, I'd definitely try to be getting out more).  I also did some very light yoga stretches.  I think being in relatively good shape to begin with has really helped me be so mobile so soon--I would highly recommend anyone considering lipo to ensure they are in relatively decent shape beforehand, as we all know 'liposuction is not a diet'--I certainly didn't do it to 'lose weight' but rather to get rid of fat pockets that would not go away despite exercise and fairly healthy eating habits. 

I plan to return to work tomorrow morning and do not anticipate any trouble.  I will keep you all updated, though.  Thank you for your wonderful comments, and as always, I'm more than happy to answer any questions.

I have no idea why, but for some reason my status...

I have no idea why, but for some reason my status was changed to: Smart Lipo was not worth it.  Thanks to MSBRUNSON330 for pointing that out!  So far it is absolutely still worth it!  And I know this 'update' doesn't say much, but they're making me write at least 50 words in order to change it.  I'll update more substantially soon!

Hi gang.  It's the morning of Day 4, and I'm...

Hi gang.  It's the morning of Day 4, and I'm feeling fine.  I only got to walk about 3 miles yesterday due to the poor weather--but perhaps that is good, so as not to over-exert myself.  I've been absolutely pain free with only mild discomfort (same as yesterday), only I did not take any Tylenol w/ codeine. 

I've noticed a tad bit more swelling (to be expected), but am absolutely not allowing it to discourage me.  The back and sides are remarkably unswollen (or just slightly)--it's mostly the small portion on my abs (and the area surrounding it) that was suctioned that seems to me swelling the most.  But like I said yesterday, I've ready in multiple places that this is common, too. 

Today also marked my first day back to work--8 hours walking, sitting, bending over to file some things, reaching up high to take a few things off the tops of shelves, etc.  I'm trying not to do too much because I don't want to agitate anything, but I'll stop if I feel even the slightest discomfort (and I am doing things at a slightly slower pace, too, just in case). 

I spoke with one of my nurses today who advised me NOT to attempt any type of massage just yet--she said I should allow it to begin healing on its own first.  I don't know that this is truly accurate (in order to prevent hardness/unevenness), but I'm going to go ahead an listen to her. 

Also, per jamieileana's request, I've posted a side-by-side of the back** and taken down some of the individual photos.  I have to let the Real Self team delete some of the others before I can upload the other side-by-sides, as there is a 20-pic maximum (hopefully by this afternoon I can post the others). 

**Please note that they are from Before, Day 1, and Day 3 (no Day 2).

Keep the questions coming--and anyone is more than welcome to contact me personally should you wish.  I'll update again soon!

Just wanted to get the other side by side photos...

Just wanted to get the other side by side photos up, and they require 50 words every time you update; so I apologize for not having much to say at this point.  It is the middle of Day 4 and I am feeling great however!  Still no pain or bruising--just minimal swelling.

I'm updating the side by side pictures, with the...

I'm updating the side by side pictures, with the third frame in each reflecting Week 1.  I still feel great and haven't taken a pain reliever since the last update.  I'm still walking, on average, about 5-10 miles a day.  I'm starting to itch a bit more, which is just a sign of healing--nothing unbearable.  Hope everyone is having a nice holiday!

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I am saying 'yes' as of now because he was accurate in describing what the procedure would be like--I will have a definitive answer as I begin to heal and see results. Feel free to ask me questions, however.

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