Smart Lipo With Vaser -- Not So Sure It Was Worth It

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I went in for a consult to have smart lipo with...

I went in for a consult to have smart lipo with vaser done on my inner and outer thighs (areas of my body that I have always hated) and my flanks.  During my consult I mentioned I wanted a tummy tuck and the Dr. told me he could flatten out my stomach and that there was absolutely no need to have a tuck done.  The idea of having the scar from hip to hip as well as a weird belly button have always prevented me from having the tuck done so I was happy with the idea of a flat (or even flatter) belly!  I was also told to have my posterior bra line done since I was having my flanks done - fine... as well as my banana fold -- whatever.  I went for that too.  I am 5'4" and when I went in for my consult I was 128 lbs.  I asked the Dr. if it was ok to put on a little weight since my weight fluctuates by about 4 or 5 lbs. at different times during the year and he told me to go for it.

When I came in for my procedures, scheduled over 2 days - January 28 & 29, 2009 I weighed 135 lbs.  The first day was focused on my stomach and flanks.  It was a lot more uncomfortable than I had expected.  The lidocaine burns and the fat gets real hard -- almost like trying to rip through gristle.  I expected that the fat would melt and be sucked out so the force of cutting through the fat was much unexpected.  I was wrapped up with pads and compression garments and went home. 

The second day was for my posterior bra line & inner & outer thighs & banana fold.  This was not nearly as uncomfortable as my stomach.  The lidocaine still burned but I had no feeling of the cannula unlike the day before.

My Dr. took his time and I felt very confident that he was doing a good job.  Again, I went home fully packed with way too many pads shoved into my compression clothes -- I looked like the Michelin man and it was hard to walk around.  I went back the following day for a re-check and when they took the pads and garment off I was thrilled with my legs -- they looked so thin!  I was so excited!  My stomach was very lumpy and I had more taken out of the right side of my waistline than the left but I was told that all of that would even out and not to worry.

I wore my compression garments day and night for 2 weeks.  I hated them!  My skin itched constantly and they were so uncomfortable.  I hated the open crotch thing -- although it makes sense, when the garment started to ride up I would wind up with a major camel toe -- not very attractive!  My incisions stopped leaking after the 2nd day -- my legs leaked the longest, probably up to 4 days and then the swelling set in because my thighs seemed to fill right back up.

At this point I am 5 weeks out and see no major improvements.  I went back for a 4 week check-up and my Dr. told me I should have kept the compression clothes on for 4 weeks -- not 2.  News to me!  I am still tender in the legs and stomach and without the compression clothes -- I can feel those body parts all the time if that makes sense.  For example, I was chasing after my son and it felt like my stomach and thighs were bouncing around -- I know they weren't but I can just feel them -- like they tingle or ache...  It's hard to explain.  Anyway...  He told me since the areas still seemed tender I should put the compression clothes back on - Great...  I have been wearing them around the clock again -- this time they don't itch but the crotch thing still is a pain. 

I guess what bothers me the most is I was told over and over by the Dr. that I would have amazing results.  I was in pretty decent shape before I went in so I figured he would take out the fat drop a size in my clothes and have smooth thighs.  I was told by the Dr. that anything I could pinch would be gone and that I would be able to wear a bikini (this was not my ultimate goal but I figured it would be a nice perk).  I was also told by the Dr. that I would easily drop a dress size if not 2...  None of that has happened.  I am still wearing all of the same clothes and when I try on jeans in a store that are 1 size below my normal they are skin tight.

I could tell at my 4 week check-up that my Dr. was concerned too and he did say he would do whatever he could to make me happy but do I really want to go through this again?  And what if I end up deformed like a lot of people are...  My stomach already looks like lumpy potatoes but at least I can hide that with clothes -- I would hate for my thighs to be that way too.

I am back down to 129 lbs. and still losing -- but let me clarify -- I am that weight b/c I have been super strict about my diet.  One of the things I was told by the Dr.’s office is that fat does not weigh much so don't look for a major loss on the scale but rather I should be losing inches.   I am planning on starting an exercise routine and will see if that helps...

I still can't help but wonder what happened from the time my thighs were so slender (right after the surgery) until now.

Oh... as for the other areas -- my flanks look better than they did but those too seem fuller now than they were immediately after surgery -- as a matter of fact all of it does.  Why?

I hope this in depth look helps and I will post back again when I return to the Dr. in April.

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I am not sure yet whether I would recommend him or not... I really have to wait until my 3 - 6 months to see if anything corrects itself

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