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I was on the website quite often before my...

I was on the website quite often before my procedure and wanted to share my experience with all those that might be considering it.

I chose my doctor because he was a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience with laser procedures. I also felt he was very genuine about the results I expected. The patient coordinator was also very knowledgeable and answered all the questions I had prepared. I felt they were not pushy to book when I told them I wanted to wait and obtain more information. 

I decided to get Smart Lipo with Vaser on my inner thighs and abdominal area. I do not consider myself to be overweight.  I’m 24, 5’3, 130lb and more on the light muscular/curvy side.  I have aways  wanted my abdominal area to be flatter.  I also run and was tired of my inner thighs rubbing together. =)

My procedure was scheduled for a Friday morning in August. About one hour before my procedure I was injected with Ativan (to help me keep calm) and a pain med. I was then lead to the procedure area. After being prepped for the surgery and laying down on the surgery table, things got a “little fuzzy”. I remember being awake for the whole procedure and feeling the doctor move the probe around but there was little to no pain felt. Every once in awhile the doctor or assistant would ask me if I was okay or feeling any pain but I felt fine.  After the procedure was done, I was placed in the compression garment and went to the recovery area.  I slept for about a hour until I was picked up by my friend.

Once I came home around 3, I popped 2 pain pills and slept until the next day. The most uncomfortable part for the next couple of day was the itchy sensation on my stomach. I could not scratch it because of garment. If felt great to be able to shower on day 2 because that meant I could take off the garment for a couple of minutes. Every time I took off the garment to clean the openings, I would place anti-itch cream all over my stomach area. That helped a little bit.

It was also difficult to sit down/lay down then stand back up since my abdominal area was still very swollen. I was able to move around very slowly and take walks around my home and the mall the day after the surgery. I think these light movements help me to recover faster. I was back to my regular routine by Monday, though still sore in the abdominal and thigh area.

 I was discouraged at first with the results in the mirror. Everything looked the same, even after my 4 day follow up. My doctor measured me and I had lost 3 inches, even with all the swelling. He told me the  final results would take a couple of weeks to 6 months. I knew this but was still wanted to see more of a difference.

It’s now over a week and I have noticed a significance difference. My abdominal area is a lot flatter, thought my thighs just a little slimmer. I am anxious for the final results.  The openings are now becoming very scabby. Some wounds are very tiny and thin, like a line a marker would make, and some are larger like the end of a pencil eraser. I have hard areas were the fat was taken away but they are expected to go away with time as well. I try to massage them a couple of times a day. Can anyone tell me if they really go completely away and how long it takes?

I would definitely recommend Smart Lipo.  Do your research on the doctor and procedure. Go with someone who makes you comfortable. In closing:

Pros: Limited discomfort and fast recovery if you are willing to do light walking and movements, scars will not be large, you are awake throughout the procedure and know what’s going on

Cons: Expect difficulty getting up and down (it helps to have someone pull you up after you’ve been sitting down), the garment is HORRIBLE, you will itch like crazy throughout the night


Please feel free to leave me a message. I will answer what I can.


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