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I decided to do Smart Lipo a couple of weeks after...

I decided to do Smart Lipo a couple of weeks after I decided to do blepharoplasty (reviewed on another page on the site).  Figured I was on the table already, right? 

My doctor quoted me for upper/lower abs, love handles, and hip rolls but that was going to be around $10k and I just didn't have that money.  So I only did my upper/lower abs.  Now, a week after the procedure my tummy (which has always had a slight pooch even when I was a size 6-8 in my 20s - I'm a 12 now, 5' 9", and 40 years old) is pretty much flat as a pancake.  And it's only going to get better from my understanding.  While I would like to get the other two areas done this is great for right now.  It was my main concern. 

The procedure is no more difficult than a deep tissue massage.  There is some swelling and, in my case, little to no bruising.  Just two little openings the size of the tip of a ball point pen on either side of my stomach.  I feel like I've done one too many sit-ups and my skin is still a bit numb.  But I was told that would go away within a month.

Some advice:  Don't eat too much while you are wearing the compression garment.  Causes stomach cramps.  Also, make sure that you cover your insertion points really well with a bandage before showering.  If water gets in there before the wounds heal it stings quite a bit.

A week after the procedure, so far so good!

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