Smart Lipo on the Upper/lower Abs and Flanks

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Hi All, I had Smart Lipo done 4 days ago on my...

Hi All,

I had Smart Lipo done 4 days ago on my upper and lower abdominals and flanks. I only drained the day of the surgery but I drained a lot and after that, it stopped. Day 2 was the most painful and the hardest thing was getting into and out of the car along with getting up from sitting down.

The jury is still out on my results because I still feel like it looks the same on my lower abdomen but I still feel swollen so I'm waiting for more time to pass before I make a final judgement. My doctor did say that a lot of people's fat is easier to remove but that mine was really tough, so he wasn't surprised that I was so sore. I hope that my lower abdomen goes down a LOT more.

I'm continuing to wear my garment and exercise and eat right so hopefully once the swelling goes down, I'll see more results. The review helped me out a lot in making my decision so I wanted to share my experience so far to help someone else.

I'll keep you posted as more time passes....

Hi All, It has now been almost two months out...

Hi All,

It has now been almost two months out from my procedure, I had my upper and lower abdominals and my flanks done.  I am really disappointed with my abdominals, honestly, I don't see much difference.  I still have a lot of fat on my abs and I remember my doctor saying that I had about 2 inches and he could probably get me down to about a half an inch.  Well let's just say, I still have about the same amount of fat as before.  I am so disappointed at having wasted this kind of money. 

I would rather have gone and actually had a tummy tuck and gone through that pain.  Oh and by the way, I am still sore and lumpy so don't believe the hype about this being a lunchtime or weekend procedure.  For the amount of pain I've endured, I would have been better just to have gone through real liposuction and would have received better results.  I've been trying not to get too down just because it's so much money to waste but I won't be doing this again.

For those of you considering this procedure, think long and hard about it, you may be better off just investing in having a tummy tuck or traditional liposuction, the cost is not that much difference. 


Dr. John Bergeron

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