Very Unhappy with my Smartlipo Experience - Folsom

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I am 26 years old 5'1 and 126 pounds. I had my...

I am 26 years old 5'1 and 126 pounds. I had my full abdomen and love handles done. At the end of my procedure the only took out about 2 pounds of fat I had my smartlipo done on July 22, 2010. First i should mention how unprofessional this clinic was.

My appointment was scheduled at 9:30am, being excited i showed up a few minutes early. When i got there the clinic wasn't even opened yet. I had to wait about 10-15 after the scheduled time until anyone showed up. Finally they took me to my room where my doctor proceeded to tell me I didn't even need the smartlipo and that I was already a 10. Then it was time for him to draw on me in the areas i was about to get done. I dont know if this is what everyone experienced but he also checked my breasts and examined them. I should mention that my mother had the same procedure done a week after me and did not have to take off her bra or get the breast exame.

Maybe i'm just being silly because I don't know if this is normal so please give me feedback. I had my 1 month follow up the other day where yet again i was scheduled at 9:30am and no one was there. I waited again for about 15 minutes for someone to come open the clinic. After i finally got in the clinic it took about half an hour for someone to tell me the doctor would not be able to see me until later that day. I came back to the clinic around 12:30 and met with a different doctor (who is the head doctor of this clinic) than the one who performed the procedure since I was a little uncomfortable with him.

She took some after pictures and took my measurements. Never showed me my before pictures or measurements but said I lost 1 inch. Then told me I looked great even though she never saw my before pictures and I only lost an inch. I asked her if I could get my velashape done since it comes as part of the package I purchased and she said no I didnt need it and since I was young that I would be fine. I am so upset and unhappy with my results being that i very little difference from before I even wasted my money on this procedure. I'm thinking my original doctor did not take out as much fat as he could have since he thought i didn't need it in the first place.

The main reason why I wanted this done is because they told me they would be able to get my stomach flat. I wanted to feel comfortable in a bikini or when i work out in a sprots bra. I look pretty much the same and I feel that this clinic is not trying to help me anymore. $6000 is too much not to get the results they said they could give me....please give me feedback on what I can do as I am very unhappy

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