Smart Lipo Totally Worth It to Sculpt NOT for Weight Loss.

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I LOVE it. It looks so good that my anti...

I LOVE it. It looks so good that my anti plastic surgery husband is going to get it done too!  My girlfriend and neighbor had smart lipo and said they would do it again. They both had tried lipo dissolve previously and were not happy with the results. If you are more than 50lbs over weight, it is NOT for you. Pricing is as follows $4,500 for 1st area, $2,500 for 2nd, and $1,500 for all areas there after.

I am 40 years old 5'6" 135 LBs and athletic. I had huge flanks/love handles and outer theigh,  First I had my stomache and flanks done (4 very small incisions on my back & 4 incisions on my stomache area), 1.5 liters were removed and now I have a flat tummy and NO muffin top.  One month later I had my outer in inner theighs done (5 very tiny incisions on each leg) and they now look great. 1.5 liters removed again and cellulite is much reduced. My body is evenly proportioned and I look so much better in a bathing suit and low cut jeans. No more spanks!

My recomendations:

DO NOT think you are going to return to work three days later. Total BS. Take at 7-10 off. They say you can resume working out after two weeks, Total BS more like one month.

Do not combine more than two areas in one proceedure. More fat can be removed and better sculpting can be done in two separate proceedures.

You must wear a compression garmet for atleast two weeks and the garmet is very uncomfortable. I thought spanks felt like soft cotton panties compared to the garmet.

Make sure you get a script for anti yeast infection medication because you will be on antibiotics.

Pain meds and healing make you itch! So use oatmeal soap,  take two benedryl, and cortizone cream. It will help some.

If you get theighs or buttocks done save two liter pop bottle and cut bottom off of bottle and use as a funnel because it is painful to sit down to pee.

Drink as much water as possible because your body is getting rid of dead fat cells. They say eat light breakfast day of proceedure and I did on first proceedure and I puked when I got home. The second proceedure I skipped breakfast and had no problem with nausea.

Everyone's experience is different, but you will be awake during proceedure. It takes 4-6 months for body to totally heal and see final results.

Coeur d'Alene General Surgeon

He is experienced, board certified, and did a wonderful job.

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