Don't Believe Everything You're Told - Things Can Definitely Go Wrong

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I'm 4 months out from the procedure and still have...

I'm 4 months out from the procedure and still have signicant bruising on my right side as well as a dent or divet (in the same area). I was told today by another physician that this divet and what they are referring to as mottling (as opposed to bruising) is likely permanent and will not go away. If you're not planning to wear bathingsuits maybe not such and issue - but for me (spend a lot of time outdoors) its very visible and very noticeable. Just be warned that the smooth tight skin that is described when this procedure is being explained may be more an exception than the rule. Four months out and true that the fat is gone from my trouble spots - but my front lower abdomen still looks swollen and lumpy and my right side has a divet and is still black and blue - if everything looked as good as my left side I'd be a happy customer - unfortunately that is not the case.

Eight months out and still have dark mottling on...

Eight months out and still have dark mottling on one side (love handle area) and lumpy, uneven skin on lower abdomen around belly button. I have also lost sensation in this area and while I'm told it will come back after 8 months I'm beginning to doubt it.

I approached this procedure as a way to take care of a couple of trouble spots as I approached 40 - I never dreamt that there could be permanent negative results. As someone who spends a lot of time in a bathing suit (or used to) - I can't say I would have done this knowing what I know now. If you're in Atlanta - be careful who you choose to go to!

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