I'm Surprised I'm Not in Pain, and Curious to See Results

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I had smart lipo yesterday on my legs from the top...

I had smart lipo yesterday on my legs from the top of my hip to my knees.  Some parts were painful, my doc had to go into some parts that weren't numb at the end to even out, but overall it was pretty much painless.  I'm 23, 5'9" and weigh about 147 lbs, but my doc said I've got "polish legs" which means just big apparently.  I work out all the time, but never can get certain areas to respond and it has been affecting me since I can remember in the confidence arena.  I was told when I was done that I had 4 litres taken out ( I think that's the measurement) it was 3 huge canisters, and he said 3 of it was fat.  Apparently this is the first time they had taken out that much from anyone, so I'm a bit nervous, but the office was very friendly and supportive of my anticipated results. 

Oh lordy, is the drainage a mess.  My best friend stayed at my house and I think she almost passed out when she saw blood like substance running down my legs everywhere.  I had to change my feminine pads I put on each incision 4 times in 4 hours.  They were soaked beyond belief.  I put lots of garbage bags and old towles down on my bed but still everything I touched was covered in the blood/lidocane mixture.  I'm told the more you drain the less swelling you will have so I hope this is the case for me. 

I'm curious to know why I'm still not in pain though?  I was unable to fall asleep last night for some reason, but there wasn't any pain.  With how "agressive" the doctor said he was, I was expecting more.  I hope to get the before pics from him when I go for my follow up, because I have had traditional lipo previously and it did absolutley nothing.  I actually saw chunks of fat comming out of me though so this had to have done something.  I thought I would be freaked out by the procedure, but I wanted to watch everything, It was quite funny. 

Can other people tell me how many litres were taken out of them so I can compare somewhat?  Thank you for any replies, especially on the not sleeping part, I'm a full time college student and I need my rest.

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I may need to revise these ratings when I see results, but for now, I feel like I will be happy.

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