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Hello, So hear goes. Lost a baby. Ended a...

Hello, So hear goes. Lost a baby. Ended a relationship, nearing the year end and wanted to do something 'smart' for myself. I had clipped out the article entitled 'smart lipo' out of a people magazine about 9 month earlier and saw the procedure listed in the Mercury News under Bid/Buy. I ended up bidding on the procedure and won it.

This was said to be a safe procedure that was minimually inevasive and will provide a powerful result. Well it did but not one that I want to go out and show the world. Heck I can hardly show myself. So much for that new boyfriend i was due to find out on the horizon. Now, I am glued to the internat searching for ways to undo the mess I have gotten myself into. For one, this procedure was said to help with cellulite. Bonus, right? Careful what you wish for. The claims are untrue. The procedure hurt. I left swollen and bruised and oozed through 2 compression garments and saturated 2 sheets of blood, and saline fluids.

The garment was uncomfortable. And honestly. the result is hideous. I am 41. I do not exercise regularly, I eat sensibly. I weighed 121 going and came out weighing the same. 1200 cc were removed. Areas treated; outer thigh, banana roll and knees. Cost 4500.00 savings of 2500.00 due to winning the bid auction. My hips were 37-38 before and thighs 36, legs were about 21 inches at the top.. Now believe it or not. I lost my curves. I am 35 hips, 35 thighs and 19 in the left thigh and 17 in the right thigh. please really consider what you are doing. I have seen 2 plastic surgeons who said too much fat was removed. There is not help in sight for me. Unfortunately, I can't undo this damage. I now have man-made cellulite unattractive legs and not a beautiful contour at all.

Try your absolute best to be happy with you. If not, you may have to live the next years of your life like me. My doctor was reputable, renowned and even a trainer on Smart lipo. That day he said my procedure was going to the Cancer Society as a donation. I have learned that the other 2 doctors that worked with my doctor were not just in fact 'nice' and helping but rather I was a test subject and they were being trained. It exerbates cellulite. It has the ptiential to look unnatural. I am learning that my result in not uncommon.

Sorry for all of the typos. I sent this before...

Sorry for all of the typos. I sent this before proofreading it. Anyway, I hope that the pictures show you a clear result. I am 5 months post op. My tummy was flat prior to the surgery and now weight that would have store in the thigh area has moved to the stomach area. Honestly, the best advice that I give is not whether the procedure works. We know that it does. We've all seen the those pictures. What i believe is worth sharing are the Doctors who performed those and were successful. A large part of my problem was that I sought out someone who would perform the procedure fairly close to my area. This doctor was one of three. I didn't do my homework. Good luck all and I hope you find your true beauty.

Please add back in some of my original photographs as they have been removed after submitting another recent treatment I tried in an effort to correct some of the smart lipo damage.  Anyway, I hope that the pictures can show others what could happen. thanks. It won't left me just submit the photographs as I originally intended.

Looking for relief not regret.  It has been...

Looking for relief not regret.  It has been over a year now and I still look and feel just Ike I did when this all happened.   It is easy to say I wish I could turn back time.  Only it is not working.  I feel completely saddened by this decision to change my appearance.  For each and everyone of you seeking to perform a smart lipo or liposuction procedure please be aware.  It is life-changing.

My doctor's motto was "Change your body, change your life!" Boy was he right.  This changed not only the areas treated but the surrounding areas and the overall contour of my entire body. One would think that you couldn't lose your hips or curves but I did.  One would only think that if you gained weight weight would surface in other areas or in new areas.  Not true.  When an overaggressive surgery takes place almost instantly change takes place.  Not only do I have baggy skin now.  Tons of peaks and valleys all over the front side and back of the legs.  I have a fat abdomen.  I loved my abdomen and I loved the back side of me.  Now that the outer thigh is gone and lipo has given me straight leg without curves and disrupted the tissue. I have cellulite everywhere. I have baggy really old looking skin and I look like a man.

Please hear me.  If you do choose this and it turns out wrong you will never forgive yourself.  EVER.  So many things that I had no idea about.  Once this is done you are left with the result and will have to process all of the issues that follow.  The biggest one?? That you actually sought out to do this and that the whole world will now be able to see what you did. When it is a self-inflicted deformity it is a lot to swallow. It is one thing to be mangled in a car wreck.  You can learn to cope with that.  But the other? Because you didn't like yourself enough and wanted plastic surgery.   Not so easy.  When I say deformed.  I really mean deformed.  Not slightly irregular.  Please take considerable time before doing this to yourself.  I wish that I would have researched more than just a people magazine article before doing this.  I would have a completely different life if I had.  Best of luck to each and every one of you who is happy with the result. Sad and disappointed and regret the result and those of you who should run as fast as you can. LIterally, before choosing this particuliar cosmetic surgery procedure.


Hi Everyone, Okay so I am still trying to...

Hi Everyone,

Okay so I am still trying to correct Liposuction dimpling, loose skin and severe peaks and valleys from my surgery. Really pictures do not show how I am today. But, with that said, I have tried Macrolane for body filler. It corrects the loose skin issue for sure. While i still have the lumpiness it filled out the contour irregularity quite a bit. My doctor is Dr. Juan Carlos Fuentes, he is amazing. Cost varies on amount you need. I would give this procedure a thumbs up. While temporary but way longer results than sculptra (12-15 months supposedly) vs a few months with sculptra it is one that leads on the right track to becoming 'normal' appearance wise again. Please don't overwhelm my doctor as I know a bunch of us out there are forever botched from Smart lipo/liposuction etc. I do not work for Macrolane nor do I promote it. I am an honest girl who trusted my first doctor and cannot accept the condition that I was left in and am constantly in search of any and everything that could offer ANY improvement. Good luck Everyone. Please continue to post things that do and do not work. Together we can get to the other side of this.. oh, and my doctor is in Mexico, Tj but you fly into San Diego and his shuttle takes you to and from his office for procedure. There is a fee for shuttle for consultation though!!
Sincerely, Natalie

Dr. Keller

Too many things went wrong. 2 other people also chose this doctor and came out with the same results. poor.

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