Smart Lipo on Saddlebags. Piece O' Cake!

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Day #2 - march 27 i went to the doc today for my 1...

Day #2 - march 27

i went to the doc today for my 1 day check-up.  the  nurse took off my bandages, and i hardly had any oozing.  my bruising isn't bad either.  i did feel a lil' woozie when the garment came off.  once i layed down and the garment was back on, i felt better.  i have some swelling, but i can already see the change in my figure.  my butt and hips actually appear smaller.  YAY!!!  i still can't get over how easy the procedure was!  i was up and around all day today.  my outer thighs are tender when i first sit down or stand up.  the pain isn't even enough to complain about.  i haven't taken any pain meds since yesterday.  i am looking forward to tomorrow...can't wait to take shower!

day #3-

i took my first shower today...i wanted to wash the ink marks off of my legs, but they are still too tender.  we had a family get-together this evening, and i didn't have any problems cleaning the house.  i wore a pair of skinny jeans over my garment today, and  my sister said that she could see a big difference in my shape.  my mom thinks my legs look skinny!!!  she said it looks like i lost 10 pounds!!  the cool thing is, I'M STILL SWOLLEN!!!  can't wait to see the FINAL results!

day #4-

still tender, bruised, and swollen...nothing too major.  still haven't  taken any pain meds.  i am taking my antibiotics and the arnica for bruising and swelling.  i don't have too much to add today.  i don't seem to be oozing much at all.  i'm using lil' bandaids to cover the tiny holes.       

Day 5 - bruising and swelling is worse today...but...

Day 5 -

bruising and swelling is worse today...but i know things look worse before they look better.  i had to take of my garment off for about an hr. cause i just HAD to wash it.  i put on a pair of spanx instead.  i feel great, but my legs are still tender.  i am so anxious to see what my legs look like once the pen marks, bruising, swelling, bandaids, lumps and bumps are all gone.  i wish this was a quick process, but i have to remember...GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT.  looking forward to working out again.  i also plan on following a strict low carb diet as of april 1st.  just so you know, i am 5'9 inches tall and usually weigh somewhere between 135 and 145.  i'm too scared to step on the scale right now...i'm sure the procedure has caused me to retain some water.  can't wait to get my body ready for summer.  so excited that my procedure also includes lazer treatments to lighten the lil' scars, and also endermology (?) -- i think that's what it's called.  can't wait to take the garment off and wear cute jeans to show off my smaller hips, butt, and thigh area.  my legs do itch a bit today, and i have experienced a bit of a tingle/ prickle sensation.  i hear this is all part of the healing process.  hope these daily updates are helpful.  i'll give another photo update after my next doctor check up (2 weeks?).     

Day 6 - i did lots of running around today and...

day 6 -

i did lots of running around today and forgot that i had the procedure done.  the only time i am sore is when i first sit or stand.  i didn't sleep well last night, because i was too warm in the garment.  tomorrow i start my low carb diet and walking (i got the ok from the doc to do light exercising).  my bruising is moving down my legs....looks ugly.  doc says that gravity is taking over.  i am in my swelling stage, but it should start to go away in another week and a half.  i'm finished w/ my antibiotics, and still taking the arnica tablets.  i may start using the arnica gel once my lil' holes are healed up.  i also started back up on my multi-vits again.  hope these day by day reviews are helpful.  i'll be back tomorrow   

Day 7 - doing great...still taking arnica tablets...

day 7 - doing great...still taking arnica tablets.  bruising looks like it might be starting to fade a bit.  still looks a lil' scary and ugly.  looking forward to seeing final results.  hoping that some cellulite has disappeared as well as saddlebag inches.  it'll be nice when i don't have to wear the garment anymore.  i've noticed that the tenderness is also getting better by the day.  i still wear bandaids over my tiny holes.  from the looks of it, they are going to heal up quite nicely.  i'm sure no one will ever even notice them.  not a whole lot to add today.  things are going great...looking forward to my 2 week appt.  i'll be back tomorrow! 

Day 8 - i am feeling great!  my bruising is...

day 8 - i am feeling great!  my bruising is really starting to fade, and the pen marks are going away too!  i probably should've scrubbed them off myself, but i don't wanna put extra pressure on my legs...i'll just let them fade by themselves.  anyway, the good news is.....i can see a decrease in cellulite now!!! YAY!!!  i am able so sit and stand now w/ hardly any tenderness.  everyday i feel better and better!  it's hard to believe an entire week has passed already.  be back later.....  :0)   

Day #9 - i actually feel a lil' thick and swollen...

day #9 - i actually feel a lil' thick and swollen today.  when i look in the mirror, i still appear smaller, but i have that swollen, slightly uncomfortable feeling.  i guess i am entering the peak swelling stage.  the good thing is...if i already look smaller,  but am indeed swollen, once the swelling goes away, i will be even smaller in size.  does that make sense?  i believe my lil incisions are healed.  i don't notice any drainage....hardly ever did.  bruising is getting lighter.  legs are a lil' tender (probably due to the swelling).  still nothing to complain about.  i'm doing everything i normally do throughout the day.  a lil swelling and tenderness can't stop me.  be back soon.

day #10 - i washed my garment today, so i got to wear a soft pair of spanx for a few hrs.  ahhhhhhhh, they felt great!!  they are a lot softer and looser than the garment provided by the doc.  i ran errands, took my lil' girl to a bday party, and walked a 2+ mile loop around the neighborhood.  I FEEL GREAT!!!  i'm wondering if the exercise will help w/ the swelling!?!  happy weekend! 

Day #11 - today was a great day (the sun was...

day #11 - today was a great day (the sun was shining).  i went to church, ran errands, had my hair done, then went on a 2+ mile walk...pushing my lil' girl in the stroller.  i felt great!  looking forward to taking my garment off!  no complaints today.  nothing new to add.  happy spring!   

Day #12 - i went out for lunch today, did some...

day #12 - i went out for lunch today, did some shopping, ran some errands, and went on another 2+ mile walk.  i feel great.  the weather is starting to warm up....i wanna take the garment off.  that's really my only complaint.  my lil' girl crawled in bed w/ me this morning....when she did, she kicked me in the leg.  that wasn't too fun, but it also wasn't too big of deal.  be back tomorrow. 

Day - 13 hello loyal readers!  tee,hee! ...

day - 13

hello loyal readers!  tee,hee!  today was another good day.  went on another 2+ mile walk.  getting ready to head out to a birthday party.  just wanted to let you all know that my bruising in more than 75% gone!  YIPPY!!  also the little "incisions" just look like tiny freckles or moles.  they don't look like a scar at all!!  i am experiencing a weird sensation...not painful, just weird.  i don't know quite how to describe it, but it is a slight tearing or ripping sensation on the side of my thighs.  it doesn't even hurt, it just caches me by surprise every now and then.  i'm sure it's just my tissues healing underneath the skin.  hmmmm, interesting.  i guess it is all just part of the healing process.  be back tomorrow.   

TWO WEEKS!!!  whoo-hoo!  i had my...

TWO WEEKS!!!  whoo-hoo!  i had my procedure 2 weeks ago today.  i finished the last of my arnica tablets today.  i'm going to wear my garment tomorrow and then i will start wearing it only at night.  i think i'll continue to wear the spanx for the next couple of weeks during the day though.  my bruising is going..going...almost GONE!!!  ya-Hoo!  i'm looking forward to my doc appt. next tuesday.  can't wait to compare the before and after pics.  my mom is actually going in w/ me.  she's having a consultation....she wants her arms done!  i'm so excited for her.  anyway, all is going super well!  i walked another 2+ miles today.  did i mention that i live on a VERY steep hill, so half of my walk is VERY challenging!  hope you are enjoying these updates, and finding them back soon. 

Day #15 - i apologize dear readers...TODAY is...

day #15 - i apologize dear readers...TODAY is actually my 2 week smart lipo anniversary.  i'm going to wear my garment one more day, and then i'll take a baby step to spanx.  i did another uphill 2+ mile walk today...pushing my 30+ pound 2 year old in a 10 pound stroller.  i've gotta be burning some serious calories!!  anyway, i feel fantastic!!  i went shopping last night and decided to try some clothes on w/o my garment.  i am still wearing the same sz jeans, but they fit me better!!  yay!!  i don't have those bulges on the sides of my legs anymore!  i used to squeeze my butt cheeks together to help make my hips look a lil' narrower, but i don't have to do that anymore.  i still have my girlish figure, but the icky saddlebag bumps aren't there!!!  yay!!  so, that's my update for the day!  be back soon.   

Day #16 - another good day...not a whole lot to...

day #16 - another good day...not a whole lot to add. i walked my 2+ miles today. i am wearing soft spanx now. ahhhhhh, they feel so good. they are not as tight and not all of the way down to my calves like the garment from the doctor. bruising is almost gone. it feels a little weird to be w/o my became kind of a security blanket. i don't notice tenderness like i used to. it's going away as well. it is so nice that i am healing quickly. can't wait for my next appointment. happy easter weekend everyone!!! HE IS RISEN!!!

Day #1 -  march 26th i went in this morning...

Day #1 -  march 26th

i went in this morning at 11 am, for my smart lipo procedure.  w/ a lil' help from the anxiety meds, i wasn't nervous at all....i also had a great nurse and doctor who made me feel very comfortable.  to be honest, the entire procedure was quite painless...very mild pain would be the best way to describe it.  i felt a few lil' pokes, and a lil' bit of pressure.  nothing at all to complain about.

i remember the nurse  taking pics of me, cleaning me, and the doctor drawing on my outer thighs (bye-bye saddlebags).  they had me lay down on the cushioned table and began the prodedure.  i remember the doctor having me change postions a few times....lay on your side, turn to your other side, lay on your stomach, ect.  that's really all i remember.  i don't remember the nurse putting bandages on me or getting me dressed.

i don't remember my husband picking me up and helping me into the car.  i don't even remember my hubby putting me in my nice cozy bed.  the next thing i know, i wake up and it is after 5 pm.  i got up to go to the bathroom, felt a lil dizzy, drank some water and took 1 pain killer (not sure i even needed it), ate a protein bar, and then went back to bed for the rest of the night.  i'm still a lil' loopy as i'm writing this, so i apologize for the errors.

i'm not quite sure what my drainage is like right now.  it hasn't seeped through the bandages, or my garment.  i'll find out tomorrow morning when the nurse changes the bandages for the first time.  i have to say, smart lipo has been a piece of cake so far.  the entire procedure only took  2 1/2 hrs.  my outer thighs are a lil' sore and tender....kinda feels like a bruise.  stay tuned for day #2, and some before and after pictures.

for right now, i'm going to give this procedure a thumbs up.  so far, i've been happy w/ everything.  can't wait to see my thighs when the bandages come off tomorrow.  :0)  ***it is still a lil' too soon to give an overall satisfaction rating (since i haven't seen underneath the bandages yet).  i will say GOOD for now and hopefully i'll be changing in to EXCELLENT!

Day #17 - i didn't get to walk today. bummer! ...

day #17 - i didn't get to walk today. bummer! the weather is turning icky! i did do lots of running around. i also did some decorating! that's always fun! i didn't wear my spanx today...i did wear them to bed though. i am really feeling great! happy weekend! hopin' i can walk my 2+ mile loop tomorrow!

day # 18 - HAPPY EASTER!!!  hmmmm, what's up w/ this gloomy weather?!?!  i REALLY wanted to walk today, but it is cold, windy and rainy.  MAYBE TOMORROW?!?!  we went to church today and took the lil' girls out for lunch.  i'm feeling fine.  i'm not wearing my spanx, but i will wear them to bed.  my legs are looking and feeling great!  the bruising is almost gone!  can't wait to see my final results!  smileZ!

Day #19 - i got up this morning at 6 and did my 2...

day #19 - i got up this morning at 6 and did my 2 mile walk!  i feel great!  bruising is almost gone!  i volunteered at my daughter's school, did some reading, and then some decorating around the house.  i'm healing quickly!  things are going great!  i feel a lil' bit of tenderness when i don't have my garment on.....nothing to complain about.  all is well!

day #20 - ya-hoo!  today was my 2 week check-up!  i brought my mom in w/ me.  she had a consultation and decided to do the smart lipo on her arms!  she's excited!  the doc is so happy w/ my results!  he is very impressed w/ how quickly i am healing!  i had new pics taken.  i'll have my hubby scan them so i can add them soon.  i'm so happy i did smart lipo!  i'm thinkin' about doing inner thighs and knees in the fall.  i'll be sure to keep you all updated!

day #21 - oh my gosh, i am so tired!  i spent 12 hrs yesterday, and another 4 hrs today, re-designing a home decor legs are so sore (not because of smart lipo, but because i was bending and lifting, and squating, etc.).  i'm just so impressed that i was able to put in so many hrs. w/o any problems w/ the smartlipo areas!  i'm so excited for my mom's procedure....looking forward to my next one too!  I LOVE SMART LIPO!!!

day #22 - i walked my 2+ miles today and didn't wear my garment.  i thought it would be a lil' uncomfortable, but i did just fine!  usually i wear it for the extra support, but i decided to give it a try w/o it.  i'm still wearing it (spanx) at night.   things are going great.  my bruising is super light, and i don't even notice the lil' incisions...i actually have to look for them.  happy spring!         

Day # 23, 24, 25, and 26 - hello loyal...

Day # 23, 24, 25, and 26 - hello loyal readers!  i am going to start combining my days, because i am running out of things to write about.  i have to say that my bruising is 99.9% gone.  i feel wonderful!  i continue to drink lots of water and exercise.  i am also still wearing spanx at night (unless they are in the wash).  i have had a few people mention that i look skinny and/or narrow.  my sister thinks my hips have taken on a different look all together.  i am very happy w/ my results so far, and look forward to having my knees done next fall.  i feel great!  smart lipo really never slowed me down at all.  i have a wonderful doctor and all of the gals at the med spa have been perfect!  be back soon...thanks for all of your questions and comments! 

Day #27 - 32it is official......

day #27 - 32

it is official....MY BRUISING IS GONE!!!  yay!  the last week has been great.  i put on a pair of pants that i have always really liked, but they never fit quite right.  they always kinda tugged and pulled in the butt and hip area.  anyway, i put them on and they fit perfectly!!  ya-hoo!  my mom thinks i look skinny and narrow, and my hubby thinks i have a much smoother (very natural looking) shape.  i've also received skinny comments from some of my other friends!  i've been doing yard work, walking my hill, etc., etc., etc.!!!  lovin' my smart lipo results.  can't wait to start my endermologie.  that'll be the icing on the cake.  happy spring everyone!  looking forward to your comments!  :0)  

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