Smart Lipo is Really Traditional Lipo with a Twist...

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I did a little homework on the Smart lipo...

I did a little homework on the Smart lipo procedure because it seems to be all the rage. I completely understand the importance of checking the doctors credentials/experience in preforming this type of procedure. There seems to be a popular trend today for doctors to get into the plastic surgery field without the proper experience or credentials. What I learned from a qualified plastic surgeon (Member of the American Plastic Surgery Society, that little round logo) was that smart lipo is actually the same as traditional lipo but with an added procedure at the end, whereby the doctor goes in and uses a laser to tighten the skin just below the sufface.

He told me that bad results from this procedure are not necessarily due to the Smart lipo laser, but rather the physician performing the procedure. It takes several hours and a number of procedures for a doctor to perform this procedure with "good" results.

So my advise to all of you considering this procedure do your homework and make sure the doctor you choose has indepth experience. And don't relay of "before and after" photos that are supplied by the laser manuafacture for judging a doctors work. She actual photos from his/her work. I noticed that some of the images I saw on physicians websites tended to be the same, then I realized it was not that doctors work, but rather images supplies to them from the manufacturer of the laser. Another suggestion, check the doctors credentials, and by that I don't mean relying on internet sites that post ratings of doctors. I learned some of those to be "planted" by the doctors office themselves.

Check with their state medical board to see what specialities they have their training it. Sometimes it is hard to do, but I think in the end you will be pleased you did. I have heard of pediatricians performing smart lipo and in my view they are probably not experienced/qualified to do this procedure.

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