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I had smartlipo on Tuesday, it is now Saturday. I...

I had smartlipo on Tuesday, it is now Saturday. I had my whole knee area done. The inner part and about 3 inches above the knee. For some reason, my body stores fat in that area only. Not to brag on myself, but I was blessed with great genetics and have what most people consider "The perfect body." I have been a swimsuit model for many years and was also in Playboy. I have an obsession with trying to stay perfect. At age 33, it is hard. Before I decided to do smartlipo, I dieted and worked out like a maniac to try and loose the fat that was around my knee area. I got ZERO results. A six pack, and everything else was great, but that area would not budge. I never, ever thought I would get lipo, but fat knees are not cool. So, decided to go for it. It has only been 5 days. So far, it seems to look good, but I am still very bruised, swollen and tight. I read the reviews about recovery time and I agree with everyone about how misleading the company, websites, TV, and doctors are being. I am on day 5 and if I had to go to work, it would be tuff. Esp. if you didn't want anyone to know. If you just sit at a desk and don't have to move at all, it may be possible. But you would be very uncomfortable. Wearing these compression garments are the WORST! They are so uncomfortable. The actual surgery wasn't bad, but the lidocaine injections hurt pretty bad. There were a few times during my procedure wear I could feel some pain and what they were doing...freaky!, and I had to keep telling them to inject more numbing solution. That kinda pissed me off a bit. You are not suppose to feel anything! Pain pills are necessary afterwards for several days. I only had my knee area done, I couldn't imagine stomach or back areas. OOch! I can't wait to see the final results. I will be back to my 20 year old body! I will leave another review in two weeks!

Tomorrow will be day 8. I am still bruised and...

Tomorrow will be day 8. I am still bruised and uncomfortable. I can only bend my knees a little more than half way because the skin is so tight. It is also a bit hard. Still a bit numb. It is looking good, better every day. I have my follow up appointment tomorrow. I will leave another review in a few days. Recovery is taking longer than expected. At least it is looking good even though I am far from healed.
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