Smart Lipo on my Outter Thighs

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Hi everyone, I wanted to share my experience thus...

Hi everyone, I wanted to share my experience thus far. I was scheduled to have smart lipo on my inner/outer thighs and knees. However, I just got my outer thighs done on the scheduled date (Tuesday). I am going back for the inner thighs and knees on Friday.

I had some complications with the numbing fluid. They started with the regular dose, but when he started the procedure it was so painful, I could barely take it. I was thinking "My God, how am I going to take this pain for 2.5 hours!!" Apparently my body was sucking in the fluid, way too quickly. They had to give me two bags full. They said enough for a 300 lb person and I'm only 130 lbs. My doctor said I was the 3rd case in his career that this has happened with. I felt a little abnormal, but what could I do? Once we figured the problem and he used more numbing liquid, I was good to go! Today is Wed, the day after the procedure and I am definetly sore and bruised and I am not able to tell a difference at all at this point. Can anyone tell me when I will be able to see a difference at all? I'm sure I still have a lot of fluid in me. I did not leak too much unfortunatly. It's hard to walk around, sit on the toilet, and chair.

I actually went to work today, which maybe was not the best idea. Guys, just one thing I wanted to bring to your attention. Get up from the bed slowly and give yourself time. I got up pretty quickly in the morning and went to the bathroom. As I was in the bathroom, I got very light headed and started sweating. I laid back down and let me body calm itself. I'm not quite sure why that happened? Has anyone had that happen to them? Any feedback you can give a recovering person would be much appreciated. I am a little bit down b/c I look so big at the moment.

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Still too early to say a definite yes.

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