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Okay, it's day 2 for me. OUCH. Feels like lots...

Okay, it's day 2 for me. OUCH. Feels like lots of pulled muscles, severe exercise pains, and tender bruising. Does not feel like an open wound. Luckily for me I haven't thrown up yet-in fact, not much nausea at all. I'm taking 1/2 to 1 full vicodin every few hours, icing diligently and getting up to walk around every once in a while. I had my flanks, sides, front of the thighs, knees and calves done. Thank goodness the upper half of my body feels normal. I did have quite a bit done, and by an excellent surgeon, but whoever says you can return to work the next day after smart lipo is LYING. I've been on the couch since I got home from my procedure yesterday. My swelling is worse in same areas today (knees, ankles) and better in others (back). My back and stomach is ouchier today than yesterday. Yesterday my legs hurt far worse. Can't wait for a few more days to pass, as I've been told my many that day 2 is the absolute worst. Amazingly enough though, I feel a big difference in my flanks and calves!! I'm also in pretty good spirits, even though the pain is sucky. Hope this helps, I'll continue to update over the course of the week.


Updated May 10, 2010:

I'm writing 4 days after my smartlipo procedure. I had it done last friday, may 7th. My plastic surgeon is triple board certified and does not perform this procedure when patients are awake. Just too creepy. Anyway, I had my stomach, flanks, inner thighs, knees and calves done. Most of my pain is in my back and stomach-just feel likes a huge body bruise combined with the effects of a million sit-ups everywhere. My legs are more uncomfortable than painful-they are pretty numb and swollen and feel weird. I literally have the fattest ankles and feet. Also, I'm very swollen right above my private parts. Weird where the swelling goes. All the areas feel numb still, all the nerves need to grow back. When i take the compression garment off, it still feels like I have it on. I stopped taking vicodin on day 3-horrible headache caused me to stop. Now I'm taking tylenol and am feeling ok on that. I'm finally able to roll onto my side a little bit, so sleeping is easier. Mostly i feel like i want to constantly move my legs to get the feeling going. On to the results now: I officially have a waist. I've never weighed more than 125 (and I'm 5'5"), and went into the procedure weighing 122. I've never had a defined waist and now i do. I had a "square butt" before and now my back curves inward above my butt like its supposed to. Didn't have much to suck out on my tummy at all. I had really fat knees and thighs right above the knees. All of a sudden they are bony and defined. Before, my calves were pretty large for a girl my size. Not any more. He got a POUND off EACH of my calves. He took 11.5pounds of fat off total. Right now I'm really looking forward to a month out when all my nerves have grown back and my skin feels like it used to. The swelling would be easier to deal with if I had more feeling in my body. All in all, I'm starting to see results and I hope that it's worth it and I don't heal looking uneven or weird or lumpy like some of you have.

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