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On Aug.30th I had my lower Abs, flanks, and banana...

On Aug.30th I had my lower Abs, flanks, and banana roll done. The procedure was great and rather easy. I was taken back a bit by the draining but that only lasted the firt day. I was taking tylenol and nothing stronger and it was fine for the pain. I was up walking around doing my normal thing as soon as day one. I have not been to the gym yet but have done some walking. I am still wearing the spanx 24/7 still.
Day 9: I am itching like crazy. 3 incisions are still open. I am the most swollen I have been today:( I am very disappointed. The first few days I was excited and could not believe the results but it just kept getting worse as the time passed on. I am suppose to start my period tomorrown and maybe this has something to do with it? I am still very bruised. The day after the procedure I got on the scale and lost 5lbs. Today I am up 5lbs. I don't know what to think..I am a little discourged to say the least:(

Ok...I just had another procedure done on Aug....

Ok...I just had another procedure done on Aug. 28th my inner thighs, outer thighs and knees...I am 7 days out and I feel like a Marshmellow man. I weigh more than I have ever weighed except for when I was prego...I am up alost 10lbs. I have no ankles and just feel depressed!!! I feel huge!!! I hardley drained at all, with the first procedure I had bannana roll, lower abs and flanks and drained soo much but this time barely anyting and have been very swollen from the moment I have been out of the clinic????? Help!!!! What have I done?

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