Smart Lipo (Little Nervous, Slowly Seeing Results)

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Had Smartlipo on April 23, 2009. I was very...

Had Smartlipo on April 23, 2009. I was very nervous, I had never had anything done besides have babies, which requested pain killers right away... :~) The staff made me feel comfortable after I told them how nervous I was.

The staff and doctor were great, they talked to me through the whole procedure, had a TV up for me to watch while doing procedure. After the procedure I got up fine, they made sure before I left that I was good to leave. I had someone waiting for me outside to take me home, I was feeling good just a little uncomfortable.

I requested pain killers because I am a coward for pain. BIG MISTAKE the pain killer didnt do well for my body I had a horrible night till the medicine wore off. ( I PASSES OUT AND ALL) Didnt take it again stuck to Tylenol Extra Strength that worked great.

It is now April 28, 2009, my 6 day having my procedure done and seeing results. I am posting a before pictures and a picture from the next day. (24 hours after) my camera died and I cannot find the cord to recharge the camera. Will post follow ups soon!!

Sorry it took so long to update, have not had time...

Sorry it took so long to update, have not had time. These are my results on my 19th day, I am now in my 21day. I guess there is some difference, not as much as I want. But I know I have to have patience. All my bruising is gone, still have a little swelling, and little discomfort on my hips. The doctor did tell me I would have a pain on my hips a little bit longer. I have started working out and wearing my garment all day at work, and to sleep. I take it off in the morning for a little while and when I come home from work. I am just wondering if the garment is helping, and how long I need to wear it. If anybody can tell me that? My doctor told my for at least 3 months but I have read so many diff rent reviews. And my skin in my bottom abs and around my belly button looks a little wrinkled. I did call my nurse and asked, she said " I had to wait at least 3 month to start seeing a close to final result. I sure hope so... other wise I am happy.

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