Smart Lipo Not Worth It and Was over Priced

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I had the inner and outer thighs done. I went...

I had the inner and outer thighs done. I went through alot of pain and stiffness for a good 5-6 weeks. I didn't see but about a 1/2 " reduction. So was it worth it. NO!!!

I really wanted it to work is why I paid premium for a procedure. My Dr. isn't standing behind my results and for that I am truly disappointed.

The procedure isn't that bad or traumatic so I believe I must have had an inexperienced Dr. and didn't ensure I had enough of a "guarntee" to feel I got some of my money worth.

Truly disappointed and making payments... should have just got the boob job... then noone would notice my thick thighs.

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He seemed to be a good Dr. and I did research but during the "selling" mode aren't they all confident in the results. Then when it came down to it... oh well the front of the legs weren't all of a sudden included and the fat is denser so it won't be able to be removed without leaving "tracks". I soon realized I was being fed full of lies and wasn't going to get results.. but was back for my 3 week follow up. We couldn't come to terms about the results and so I'll be researching my options.

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