Having Tremendous Difficulty with Smartlipo on Thighs

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On July 11th I had smart lipo done on my inner...

On July 11th I had smart lipo done on my inner thighs/knees. The procedure took about 2.5 hours and was painful but bearable. I went home around noon and i had some drainage until about 9 p.m. that evening. I had moderate black and blue bruising the first day, but it had disappeared by the very next morning. It was replaced with redness - the kind of redness you get from being burned after falling asleep in the sun for 8 hours. The area is red, extremly hard - my thighs feel like a brick. In addition, the area has swollen up, but the majority of swelling has concentrated right around the knees. It makes it mega tough to bend my leg or have any movement. Walking, stairs, and shift of leg position ends up hurting a great deal. I can deal with the soarness, but the swelling and redness is really making me miserable. I have to walk in very slow motion and it's extremly painful. I went back to the Doc 5 days after my procedure and he wasn't sure what was going on. Because the area is so red, hard, and hot (you could fry a steak on my thigh right now), he thought it may have gotten infected. But there are no other signs of infection...I don't have a temperature or a fever. He gave me extra antibiotics to use in case of infection. He also told me to apply heat to the area whenever I could - like a heating pad or hot towel. I had been using ice since it was red and swollen, but he said to apply heat. I've been doing that and taking the extra antibiotics. He also gave me diuretics to reduce the swelling. Finally, he told me not to wear the compression garment anymore. While the compression garment is supposed to help, in my case, he thinks it hurt me. I'm pretty short and the garment was bunching up around my knees, which possibly cut off circulation and caused swelling. I've done everything that he recommended 3 days ago but I still have no relief. The pain, redness, swelling, and toughness of the area is no longer tolerable. It hurts really bad and not being able to walk or move has basically handicapped me. Has anyone experienced anything like this, or does anyone have any advice for me?

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