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I just had my procedure today, september 16, and...

I just had my procedure today, september 16, and it really wasnt bad.  I had laser lipo on my chin, loves, and then regular lipo on my inner thighs.  I was and am still nervous about the regular lipo on my inner thighs but my surgeon prefers regular lipo on inner thighs.  The procedure was for the most part uncomfortable but tolerable.  There were some points of a pinching pain, but not bad.  It feels exactly like it is, something moving around under your skin.  Its really weird. I am nervous for the next week, because i know the first week is the worst. I was given a presription for vicodin, so i plan to take one tonight before bed. I am still very numb from the local. After the procedure they put a head garment on me and a very tight body compression garment.  I am regularly a size 10 and they squeezed me into an XS compression garment.  It is going to be hard to get back into after i take it off to shower.  The head garment makes it hard to move my jaw to eat or drink, but I suppose that is the point.  I am interested to see how i am going to feel through the night and in the morning.

September 17- Day after

Before i went to bed last night I took off my garment to change the gauz..... there was barely any blood or fluid coming out of the stiches.... they are so small.  I made sure to sit down while i took it off and did not get light headed at all, when i went to put the garment back on i got really light headed and nauseas, i thought i was going to throw up, but after a few minutes of laying down i felt ok.  Last night wasnt good, but wasnt bad.  I took my vicodin, but didnt sleep well.  I was awake most the night but just kinda relaxed and fell asleep here and there.   The pain is tolerable. people say that it is like being really sore after a hard work out, but i think its worse than that.  Getting up and down hurts.  I am very nauseas from the vicodin and feel like laying down.

Saturday September 20th-

After my last posting when i said the vicodin was making me sick to my stomach.... it really was and i threw up my dinner.... so gross.  So when my Doctors nurse called me the next day to ask how i was feeling i told her what happened and she suggested that i take just 1/2 a vicodin.... so i have been and I feel so much bettter.  The first two days so far were the worst i feel much better and have been taking 20-30 minute walks in the mornings and evenings.  They definitely make smart lipo sound easier than it is though....you will not want to go to work the next day like they say.  Maybe if you only had like one area done.... i guess you might be able to go to work, but definitely not with three areas.  I have been wearing my garment and chin strap 24/7, besides when i shower and then i put it right back on!  I was so terrified to take off my garment for the first time, its like a security blanket, because really at this point i dont want to know what those areas look like!  I'll wait and check out how it looks a few weeks after! (I dont want to freak myself out) The only area i have looked at in the mirror is my chin.... which i can tell is going to be much better, but is still swolen.  My Doc said i only have to wear the chin strap 24/7 for the first week and then at night for 3 weeks after that.... but he seemed a little unsure about the week in it full time i think he would like for me to wear it all the time for like two weeks, but i gotta get out of the house!  So we will have to see how that goes! fingers crossed it wont swell too much during the day without the strap!  I have noticed though that my inner thighs look really good!  I glanced down when i was in the shower and they are already smaller and a different/bettter shape!  Thank goodness cause i was so nervous about doing regular lipo in my inner thighs.  Anyways.... i could go on forever, but i basically feel pretty good.  Still sore and just a little uncomfortable, and i think if it wasnt for having my chin done i would be out and about! 

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