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September 9th update: So far I feel like my...

September 9th update:

So far I feel like my results and experience are consistent with what others say about SmartLipo.  I did research beforehand and tried to be prepared, but have definitely been caught off guard by how the marketed recovery time and actual recovery time are different.  I have no idea if my results will be worth it, too early to tell.  I'd say this for people considering the procedure...

1) Take a week off.  If you don't need it, you can always go back to work early.  But to NOT have the time off and need it really sucks.

2) Be prepared to go through a pretty lengthy ugly phase.  I have bumps, lumps, soreness, bruising and it seems like that's the norm (versus the few reviews I have read of people that look great right away). 

3)  I think the Arnica and Bromelein I have taken have helped.  I was black and blue the day after the procedure (I bruise easily) and within a week my bruises are almost completely healed. 

4) Massage.  It hurts.  But it seems to really help me even though I am so early in the process.  I am trying to find a good lymphatic drainage masseuse in Houston (if you know of one, let me know) because I hear that makes a big difference.  But I spend about an hour each night massaging and it although it feels like I am jabbing hot pokers into my belly, afterwards I feel more flexible, less sore, and less bumpy. 

Today I finally had a good day and it was entirely...

Today I finally had a good day and it was entirely because I wasn't feeling so sore (or as one member described it, feeling like I had rabid squirrels under my skin)!  I am rock hard, lumpy and still basically deformed ;) but not being in pain has been AWESOME!  I am now, finally, sore like I'd be after a good workout.  Good news too since I have an incredibly active job and with the hurricane Ike coming, I will be out doing tons of rescue work.  It's gonna be crazy!  But today I was able to REALLY massage hard since I wasn't in a lot of pain.  Just positively lightening not to have so much pain...

My measurements are still the same, my weight is going down a tiny bit each day.

That's the latest!

Well, i am right at the three week post-op mark...

well, i am right at the three week post-op mark.  nothing like a hurricane to distract me from SL.  ;)  I don't have power still, what a pain.

so the pain is decreasing and i FINALLY depuffed.  it looks like i have dropped about 5-6 pounds which is what they said they removed.  of course I am also not eating much and being incredibly active so hopefully the scale will keep dropping.

I am massaging each night and it always hurts a LOT when I start and by the end I feel ok.  I have hard bands of tissue (fluid?) under my skin and they are just so ugly. 

I am regaining sensation in my back (skin has been completely numb although underneath has been tight and painful for weeks).  I am still wearing my compression garment all day because I am way too sensitive to touch and it makes me feel more protected.  I haven't taken measurements but pants feel looser and I am finally back in my 8's.  Life is good and I just hope it continues to smooth out and look like a nice flat belly. 



I had SmartLipo done last Friday. I was never...

I had SmartLipo done last Friday. I was never interested in regular lipo because it seemed too invasive with too much recovery time. SmartLipo seemed like a great alternative. The doctor used SmartLipo, Vaser and suction on my upper and lower abs, flanks and chin. The procedure took almost 9 hours but a lot of that time was letting numbing solution take effect. It didn't hurt and I was very comfortable for almost all of it EXCEPT the initial injection to sedate me (felt like fire) and the numbing solution injections that went in my skin (stung more than I could possibly describe).

I think the results will be great. I can see a difference already. But I will also say that I have a lot of bruising and am REALLY sore. It's been 3 days since the procedure and my skin is super tender just to touch. It also hurts a lot when I get up and move around. I am supposed to start massaging the treated areas today to avoid scar tissue build up and, wow, it definitely takes some willpower to dig in and massage such tender areas!

It will be months before I know the final results. As I said, I think they will be great. At the same time, this definitely isn't as easy as they market it. I've followed all the directions to the T as far as no caffeine, alcohol, etc. and also supplemented with Arnica and Bromelein. Still, lots of bruising and tenderness.

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