Smartlipo Was Easier Than I Thought

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The reason I decided to have Smartlipo done was...

The reason I decided to have Smartlipo done was down to the very reason Smartlipo is used, to get rid of stubborn fat cells that do not respond to exercise. I am a slim girl but have always been troubled by my 'love handles'. I am 5ft 5 and not long ago reached 7st 5 in the desperation to rid of them.

Weight lose was not my answer. Instead after doing some research I decided to turn to Smartlipo, which I had done 10 days ago. I have to mention the procedure and recovery was not a quarter as painful as I thought it would be. Before I had it done I read so many bad stories on the internet which made me change my mind about having the procedure, but then I thought..if i don't have this done Im going to be wondering all my life 'what if?' so I went for it and im glad i did.

The worst part was having the anaesthetic injected into the area after that I did not feel a thing. It took 45 mins to do both sides along with asperation and after that I was on a 1hr 1/2 train journey home. I believe the reason my recovery was less painful than the ones I had read on the internet, was down to the amount of fat sucked out. I only had 150 cc's removed. If the area your having treated is reasonably small then you are likely to have a smooth procedure such as I did. Another reason I believe is down to age, I am only 19 so my fat cells are more malleable

Pros and Cons

Minimal pain
You stay awake during the procedure
You can be up and about straight after ( I went shopping and then to work a day later )
No one will notice what you have had done


Takes longer to see a difference (Although I had fat suctioned out, it was a very small amount, I can see a slight difference but im not sure if that's because of wearing the compression pants 24/7)

Can not really say yet but I would not reccomend it without asperation. some people see no difference having smart lipo without asperation and I don't think its worth the risk. At least you know you will see some difference when having it asperated out.

Dr Adrian Noon

very friendly, professional and couldn't have been better.

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