2 Weeks Post Procedure, Waist 2 Inches Smaller

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I had Smartlipo with suction performed on my upper...

I had Smartlipo with suction performed on my upper and lower abdomen 2 weeks ago and I have lost 2 inches off my waistline, and my belly "hangover" is gone. I have a hard bump/line under my ribs that extends across my abdomen. My Dr. says this will go away with time and massage.

My belly button is a bit "twisted" looking, but this is my first day to not wear the compression garment and it "should" go back to normal with massage and after the swelling goes down. When and if my navel returns to its normal shape and when the bump goes away I believe I will be very happy. I am currently scheduled to have my inner thighs done. My procedure took a little over 2 hours and was pain free except when the suction tool got close to my ribs. Even then the pain was tolerable.

My Dr. injected 2500 ml of the numbing/anesthesia into my stomach and suctioned out 1600 ml of fluid/fat. I stopped leaking after about 36 hours. I drove home after the procedure and took 1 Lortab that evening and one the next evening to help me get to sleep. I had 1 bruise near my ribs that went away after a couple of days.

Please save your money and don't do this! Get a tummy tuck or leave it alone!

I expressed my concern to my doctor and returned for a touch up in 2009. It didn't do a thing. The only thing left to do it get a tummy tuck.
My abdomen is permanently screwed. It has a cobblestone effect from the belly button up, loose, wrinkly skin up the middle, the "speedbump" under my ribs never went away, my navel is distorted and from the navel down there are fat pockets everywhere. I looked better fat. My stomach actually looks better now if I push it out and make it fatter rather than suck it in.

Lumps are still here

The lumps never went away. I haven't had a tummy tuck. The local plastic surgeon couldn't give me a guarantee that the skin would be smooth after the surgery so I decided to hold off.
Vishnu Subramani Cape Smartlipo

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