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I went on several consults before going with this...

I went on several consults before going with this medispa. the price was like everyone else but with the spa pampering and I am a baby and was way nervous about having this done. I couldn't be more pleased.

The awesome girl who gave the consult was very truthful with me and my expectations. the doctor is by far one of the best doing this in atlanta--i already knew 2 people who had this procedure with him. i have read so many different things here and can only share here what my day was like; got to spa and got some relaxation drugs and was put in a calm room with music prior to perocedure. the team was so good and you caould tell they do this all the time-i felt really comfortable.

it's been 3 months and my abs look great. finally all the sit ups matter! you can see the abs because all the fat isn't on top of it! you are awake for theprocedure but out of it from the drugs so it's not too bad. yeah, you know they are working on you but don't really feel it.

i was fine the next day to go back to work but all i do is sit at a desk. iw ouldn't have wanted to have anything strenous to do the next day really. i was swollen some but that goes away within the first few days and you have the garmet thing around you so it's not a big deal.they make sure to have you come in for several follow ups tomake sure all is well.

i don't see how some of the people here had a poor time or poor results with this. for me it was pretty simple really. i think it may really matter on who you choose to do this procedure wiht. you need a doctor with lots of expeirence who doens' tjust are about the money. that's what i chose. i would highly recommend you do the same so you are as happy as i am!

Went back to get my inner thighs done 5 months ago...

Went back to get my inner thighs done 5 months ago . Just got back from shopping for new jeans.yep! First time I have felt good trying on pants in years. If you are out there wondering about this procedure now just go for it. Changed my life. Feel free to ask me stuff.

Blue Medspa

Really the staff there is so great . Professional with tons of experience!

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