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I am just a few days post-procedure and I thought...

I am just a few days post-procedure and I thought I would share my experience since I regularly consulted this site prior to making the decision to have smart lipo done.

I will say that the pain was more significant than I anticipated. Since I have been through a lot...back surgeries and natural child birth...I think I down played this in my mind so I set myself up for a little disappointment in that regard. At times, it is uncomfortable as they say, but to be honest, at times, it just plain hurts. The procedure itself is pretty unfcomfortable with moments of pain...but nothing a strong woman can't handle.

The recovery is a little worse than I expected. I was told it would feel like a really tough work out.....I think this is an understatement. I have worked out tough before and never experienced this level of soreness. I just feel achy and bruised all over. I am swollen quite a bit.

My skin is so tender and with the amount of drainage going on (much more significant than I expected) I have to change my dressings frequently. Pulling that tape off an already sensitive area just hurts. Not sure how to describe that other than it feels very raw.

I am at day 3 and still experiencing quite a bit of drainage so I haven't been able to shower yet. I was told yesterday by the nurse in my drs. office that the reason I have so much drainage is because of the amount of anesthesia he used....and he used so much because he was having such a successful time melting the fat. She said it was going so well, that he decided to maximize the results as best as possible. The down side to this is that the recovery is a little tougher but the results will supposedly be even better. I don't know the total volume removed but supposedly it is way more than the norm.

Even with the swelling and bruising, it is possible to see a bit of a difference. I really look forward to next week when I think the swelling will be gone and I will be able to really start to see the results. I will post more then.

So...with all that I said about pain and discomfort, I want to make it clear that I am in support of this and that I am thrilled that I decided to do it. I am someone who worked hard on my body but just could't see any results on my arms. I lifted and lifted but no change was ever evident. Also, due to a breast reduction, my underarms were out of proportion and I often had "rolls" sitting on top of my bra straps and tank tops. I haven't worn a tank top or dress without sleeves in years....without a jacket or shrug.

Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

My drs. office is a professional "life style" plastic surgery center. From the receptionist to the nursing assistants, and the Dr. himself, this practice is professional, on the cutting edge of technology, and also very caring. The procedure was fully explained to me, they all took time to answer all of my questions and make me feel very comfortable. Their follow up was great. They also, as part of the overall procedure, provide 4 Vela treatments beginning 5 weeks after my procedure. This is a technique that is used to smooth and tighten the skin and treat cellulite. Supposedly, when used after smart lipo, it contributes to the overall tightening process. I feel confident that I chose the best possible dr. to perform this procedure.

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