Smart Lipo of 7 Areas

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UPDATE:  I realized I didnt give credit to my...

UPDATE:  I realized I didnt give credit to my wonderful boyfriend, who took excellent care of me for 3 days will need to have someone that you love and trust to care for you for at least two days (day of and day after).  He held my hair back while I vomited, and changed my bandages, he gave me a sponge bath and got me whatever I wanted.  You probably wont want to eat after the surgery, but you need to for the meds.  Try bland foods like soup or crackers and drink lots of water.

So, make sure you have some one with you that you will feel comfortable seeing you naked and at your worst.  Makes a world of difference.

I had smart lipo done on 1/23/09 and am very happy...

I had smart lipo done on 1/23/09 and am very happy so far!  My main focus was my belly (the lower ab pooch) I could never get flat, so I wanted it sucked out.  But since I didnt have a lot to have removed I decided to tackle some other problem areas as well.  I did my double chin (very small amount), arms, abs (upper and lower), flanks, inner thighs, inner knees and saddle bags.  I am 5' 4" and was 142lbs when I went in.  My legs are pretty big (thanks Mom) and my arms are pretty muscular.

So, the surgery itself was not enjoyable.  I was under "twillight sedation" and was basically asleep, although I remember him telling me to turn over and then I was back out of it.  I spent the first 4 hours after the surgery vomiting....which was awful, but that is from the sedation, not the surgery.  I leaked really badly for 24 hours.  The first night was very uncomfortable.  The maxi pad suggestion is a very good one.

I was pretty mobile by Sunday (two days after) and actually went back to work on Monday and stopped taking pain meds Monday too.

My belly is flat!  No loose skin (I wear the garment religiously).  I dont see any other difference in legs or arms, but the belly and love handles are awesome!  Instant flat belly!

I went for my one week follow up (1/30/09)yesterday, and had the 18 stitches removed (not painful at all) and the doctor said there was still a lot of swelling and that it will be much better in the next few weeks.  Of course, if I am still not satisfied they will do a free touch up, but that does not sound like much fun....basically same procedure all over again.

I love the stomach results, and I hope the legs and arms get better with time. 

Please keep in mind that I was not that is why I choose to do so many areas...if you have a big tummy you probably need to focus on that and maybe get two sessions if you have other areas.

I would recommend this procedure for contouring, and perfecting problem areas....I had tired for years with sit ups and no if you are like me, this is a miracle procedure and worth every penny.

Also, note my quick recovery, I attest to being a healthy 34 year old non smoker and very light drinker (a few a month, maybe) and no not everyone will be able to go back to work 3 days later.  More realistic is probably to take 3 days off....

Also, please note I have an 11 year old, so I tried for a long time before I resorted to this.  I dont plan on having any more children.  I also dont plan on getting any other procedures done.

Hope this was hopeful.  I will post pics as i get them.

oh yeah one more thing, I gained 8 lbs overnight after surgery...all fluids, etc....after a week of eating healthy I am back to my 142lbs....I freaked out when I got on the scale the next day.

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Dr. Keim at Strax Rejuvenation

good service, very knowledgable, caring and great prices!

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