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Hi :I'm very sad and frustrated,for years i wanted...

Hi :

I'm very sad and frustrated,for years i wanted to have my stomach flat, but i did not want to have large scars like the ones tummy tucks usually leave.So I decided to try the smart lipo. Supposedly the doctor i chose was suppose to be the best of the smartlipo in New Jersey.

Although I have no scars, the doctor left me a large hard dented bump on my upper abdomin. We waited for two months because the area was still swollen. After he saw this disformation, he recommended that i would go to triActive treatments. It made it smaller but it did not remove it completely. I consulted the doctor again and he did a pickle fork procedure which was suppose to break the scar tissue and reheal evenly. Once again he left me bruised up and the large bump did reduce in size but it is still there and I have three new dents.

While I was considering smartlipo, I asked the doctor if I would have lumps or bumps and he reassured me that I would not.I am very disappointed and would like some advice on what to do. I did not have a lot of fat removed only 400 cc.

Is there anything i can do? If you can help me, I am willing to do whatever for me to do. I also feel that people should know about the effects of smartlipo and that it is not a lunchtime procedure as it is advertised. Hopefully you can help me. Are there any other doctors you could recommend me that is in the New York/ New Jersey area?

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